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FSOT Shavemac, Henson, Feather blades, Synth brushes (Stirling, Yaqi)

Hi all. I'm releasing a few things into the wild. Potential trades: Muhle/EJ 25mm STF or German Wilkinson blades.

1) Henson Medium (++) V1 razor - $40

2) Stirling 24mm Tuxedo synth brush - $15

3) Yaqi 24 mm Tuxedo synth brush - $10 (note there was a glue spill on the knot so there is a little indent where I snipped it out)

4) Shavemac D001 Silvertip 22/50mm, only used 7-8 times - $110 (I paid $137 shipped on the configurator a few months ago - note the Tie Dye handle is more red on one side and green on the other)

5) 150 Feather blades (obtained from Razor Blades Club and Italian Barber - original packaging shown) - $45

Shipped from Canada to Canada or US. USD shown. Will ship internationally for actual costs. The two synth brushes would need to be combined with other things (or each other) to make the shipping cost make sense.

Thanks for looking! Happy to answer more questions or send more pics.
They do actually have/had a 2band ST knot (this is the card from mine).
I do believe the D01 knot comes/came in 2 or 3band as well.

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You are correct my friend. Going from memory, I could only remember Shavemac calling the knots 2 band and Silvertip, but now that the configurator has shut down, I had to check a vendor, and Maggards does indeed list them as Silvertip 2 band and Silvertip.
My 2 band (Silvertip?) finest seems to have more backbone than the 3 band D01 I also bought. I basically bought the D01 thinking it was super stiff and it's not. The regular silvertip has more backbone than the D01 and I never expected that
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