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Shaved "cat"

:biggrin: :w00t: :001_tt1:

i think the first one looks pissed and the 2nd one looks angry (and disappointed), didnt know cat understand if they got shaved or their hair/beard fell off.
boboakalfb said:
PETA may be showing up at your doorstep soon...

or maybe the RSPCA. If someone did that for a laugh, then it's pretty cruel I'd say. I don't find it in the remotest bit funny. But hey, we all get our kicks out of different things I guess.
Tyx for the change in title- remember, gentlemen never stoop to vulgarities( even for the laugh) when ladies are present.

Considering we have many lovely female members( the sues, olivia, mrs. chefchris, etc.) it would be much more appropriate to treat 'delicate' subjects as such.

just my 2 cents.

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