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Shannon's Soaps Pina Colada

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I got a sample of Shannon’s Soaps Pina Colada shaving soap. This soap made my mouth water. The scent is definitely Pina Colada. The pineapple is the top note and set my mouth to watering. This is followed closely by sweet coconut. This is the perfect summer or hot weather scent.

The soap base is easily as slick as many top tier shaving soaps, but it is not the Chupacabra base and is not as slick and cushiony as that base. It is very good and I got a very good and comfortable shave with my full hollow ground Thiers Issard straight razor.

The lather came up quickly. I used a 28mm Shavemac Fibre brush. I shook out a good bit of water as it holds a lot. I loaded and then wet the tips barely and loaded some more. When I started face lathering, I got a good, creamy lather, but I wanted it a bit more yogurt like, so I wet the tips again and kept lathering. I got a very nice, thick, but wet lather, like regular homemade yogurt. It was very nice. Also, when I started lathering, the scent bloomed even more and it was almost a shame to shave it off.

After I finished shaving, my face wasn’t dry and felt pretty good. I got a whiff of the scent off and on for a couple of hours before it dissipated. Overall, it was a very pleasant shave. Next time, I will get the menthol version.

Scent: 10/10 (wonderful)
Slickness: 8/10
Residual slickness: 9/10 (more than good enough for a straight razor)
Cushion: 8/10 (certainly good enough for a straight razor)
Post Shave Feel: 8/10
Closeness: 9.5/10
Skipping/Dragging 10/10 (none at all)
Price: 10/10 ($10 - $11 and Menthol available for $13, great value)
Score: 9/10

Forgive me for this, but I am going out on a limb, here. In my experience and opinion, Shannon's Soaps are as good or better than even far more expensive top tier soaps and should be in everyone's collection.
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Thanks for sharing. I've never tried Shannon's Soaps before, so last week I ordered 7 or 8 different samples to try. They finally shipped yesterday...
I am one of the few who didn't care much for Stirling (good overall shave but I disliked the silicone-like post shave feeling that it left on my skin). Hopefully Shannon's will be better for me.
This is a nice smelling soap and very apropos to the current weather. I try a lot of soaps and a lot of them I just make no comment. Shannon's Chupacabra base is at the top of anything I have tried with a straight razor. Imagine how it would be with a DE safety razor or a dreaded multiblade.
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