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Several vintage Gillettes, FB, Slim, SS, Tech plus more

These just do not get used. Prices are shipped and include PP G&S.

First is a Gillette Fat Boy, replated by Chris at Razorplate when owned by the previous owner (member here). It includes a case and blades. Really nice razor that functions perfectly. Date is F4. $100

A3202B5D-7AFC-4E27-AF2C-99FD73C309B4.jpeg 119F78ED-BDAF-4A52-A43E-E0E5FDF2C2CF.jpeg 7984D552-089E-4006-8511-1453659C2BF3.jpeg C00ABE22-C7EE-4C8A-8B94-8027725F1CEC.jpeg
Next is a nice Original Gillette Slim. Beautiful razor purchased here. No plating issues, functions perfectly and is very nice and clean. Date is J3. $50

73671B9A-7AF5-41A0-B69F-592B67017815.jpeg 7ED18767-84E4-48A9-BD27-086A01285209.jpeg AF4F6691-AB0D-44F3-867C-3E4BE8E405EA.jpeg
Next is a Gillette Flare Tip in great condition. This one has beautiful plating but the bottom does have a place with a little brass showing and the bottom could use a scrub with Borax, I have never used it or cleaned it. Date is J4. $20.

84AE664B-3F43-4A4B-97B2-D9F0E59346EF.jpeg 5D088290-CDFE-426A-94C0-A20EA02AC919.jpeg 6AE4CB4D-D0C4-48FC-A3B0-0DB071D004C4.jpeg
Next is a 40s style Super Speed in excellent condition. Works and functions perfectly and is one of the nicest I’ve seen. Date is Z1. $35.

BEB8C63B-1A26-4DB0-80A3-7E88317BCC1A.jpeg 8A106866-5480-4EAA-9108-2C55D377E14F.jpeg BD05F68B-9518-4DF4-A8EE-20145A3A3E6D.jpeg
Next is a Black Handled Super Speed in great condition, even the black on the handle. Works perfectly and looks great. Date is T4. $20

17D880A9-607E-4D70-B8FB-6653C77F37CE.jpeg F264DEF5-3A46-47B2-B525-F13FC8D0B039.jpeg BA2B0B21-6A9B-4749-8212-7BF2B9CE3307.jpeg
Next is a Pre-War Triangle Slot Tech. Gorgeous condition and I have shaved with it a lot. It is just not used of late and it too nice to gather dust. No date code of course. $25

C32E6F13-CE07-43ED-B9A5-62560AA6F5E8.jpeg 3CE5EA6E-00BB-4F4B-9F79-ACD67E9A1D1A.jpeg FF411525-DE86-4A49-BE18-01BE44C091C9.jpeg
Next is a Schick Pre-Krona is gorgeous condition, one of the nicest I’ve seen. Works perfectly and shaves so well. Estimate 1965 with the chrome long knob and non-marked doors. $25

1EB1DF21-FBD5-4BEE-B176-873CBC12203F.jpeg 140EE77C-2989-45A0-8C56-7A8FB52AB8AA.jpeg A29D82EB-1397-4A4A-86F4-5F633ADCA332.jpeg
Fantastic razors! Would you "blame" the FOCS for this sale?
Not specifically but once I found how lovely the 🦊 and Wunderbar are, the rest just sit. I am to be moving to my home and farm in Appalachia permanently after my wife retires November 31 and I am just trying to get my things down to a reasonable level.

Pre-Krona is SPF
Slim is SPF to Singapore of all places. May be the only Slim in the republic 😎

Merkur HD reduced to $25 shipped CONUS

Flare Tip $20 Shipped CONUS
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