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Serge Lutens Un Bois Sepia

"Brown woods"? This Serge Lutens frag surprised me, and NOT in a good way. I was surprised with the strong violet note (which I don't care for) and the rather pedestrian nature of this frag. None of Serge's typical Moroccan spices and rich oriental goodness. The woods do come through along with the violet that never goes away. Have you noticed if there is a note you don't like, that is almost all you can smell and it lasts forever? The woods are somewhat nondescript, I don't recognize cedar, sandalwood, juniper, or any specific wood note, just a light, fresh, generic woodiness. This could easily fit in with the generic fresh modern scents in any department store.

I love so many of Serge Luten's frags, this one stood out for me, and not in a good way. And it's more expensive than the others? :ohmy:

Interesting. The fragrances that I like from SL I really like and the ones I don't I really don't.
No middle ground it seems.

I do know what you mean about when you smell something you don't like and it seems to dominate everything else.

I wonder why that is? I'm no scientist, but the answer is out there.....somewhere.....
This is actually one of my favorite frags from SL, of the 8 or so I own.

I'm glad you commented, Isaac, because I am very likely in the small minority in regard to this fragrance. For anyone who likes violet, this would be a great choice. Grey Flannel has a strong violet note and I don't care for it either, although it is loved by so many I know am by far in the minority.
SL sent me a sample some time ago. I didn't care for it. I don't know about the notes, but it sure smelled dated to me.
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