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Musgo Real Shaving Creams -- Review

Hope you guys don't mind me copying-pasting a post I made in a sub Reddit today. Subsequent posts will be original.


Made in Portugal. Been curious about these for a while, decided to give them a go. All have unique, great smells, never overpowering. All have menthol but you can't smell it, it's just enough to give a fresh sensation.

What do they smell like?

TP = Top Notes / HN = Heart Notes / BN = Base Notes (taken from Claus Porto's website)
My observation


TN: Patchouli, neroli, bergamot / HN: Lavender, violet, wood / BN: Vetiver, musk
Classic but elevated. Like a modern barbershop scent. Any time of the year.

Oak Moss

TN: Lime, coriander / HN: Spices, hay / BN: Woody notes, oak moss
Woody and sweet. I would reach out for this in the fall.

Black Edition

TN: Bergamot, lemon, juniper berries / NH: Cacao, nutmeg, cardamom /BN: Vetiver, patchouli, cedar, tonka bean
Classy. Reminds me of a light backdrop of Drakkar Noir. Winter months.

Orange Amber

TN: Petitgrain / HN: Lemon, lavender / BN: Orange blossom, musk
Orange-candy/pop like. Perfect for the Summer.

Spiced Citrus

TN: Lime, coriander, lemon, verbena / HN: Hot spices / BN: Woody notes, incense
A light Sangria-like scent. Spring and Summer for sure.

How is the texture?

All the same. Light and airy out of the tube. Thick and slick when lathered (face or bowl). Lathers effortlessly with only a tiny bit necessary.

How do they perform?

All the same. Excellent protection. Does not dry on the face. Washes off nicely. Scent lingers slightly on the skin for a short period of time (less than an hour). Skin feels hydrated long after the shave.


If you like creams and want to experience unique scents, yes.
This shaving cream is very good, but was priced out of the market several years ago. I remember buying a tube of the classic for $10 which was expensive at the time. Now, it is around $24 for the same product? Based on what, a luxury brand image? Please.

There are many good creams out there that are inexpensive. For just a few dollars a tube, they perform perfectly fine.
I've used Musgo Real Classic solely for 20 years. They were always available at a local soap store and were $12/tube when I started buying them.

Nice cream, but as others have pointed out, they are waaay overpriced now and can, in no way compete with other creams and certainly not with soaps.
I was using the Classic 10-15 years ago before it was called Classic and the other fragrances came out. At that point the fragrance changed, and not for the better, a cloying synthetic lavender. The price suddenly jumped too, not just a bit but 2x-3x.

The Musgo Real hard shaving soap remains very nice. Ach Brito has nicer and less expensive creams and might belong to the same company.
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