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September Updates

Tony Miller

Hi guys! Been laying low from strops this month while we do some updates and remodeling to the house and workshop. I do both leather and woodwork and really needed to get my shop more organized to accomodate both interests. House needed some updating as well after 38 years in the same place. Just about done and will be back up and running with strops again for October. I appreciate everyone's patience and understanding of the very short supply of goods this month.

So, I have been working on some new models and hope to have them released later this Fall. I have a new type of Latigo, with a really nice draw and very supple feel to it and it is a USA tanned leather. Had my "tester" give it a go and now it is making the rounds via a Pass Around in the Strops forum. Also been experimenting with an new heavy draw, Russian style Roughout strop. This is made from Horween veg tanned horsehide and has a firmer temper than my steerhide roughout and is performing well in my tests and on a sample sent out to a fan of heavier draw strops. Might be doing a Pass Around on that one as well. My leather supplier also turned up a bundle of long discontinued Fast Bridle hides buried in the warehouse and I picked up all that looked promising. Some may make Artisan grade strops, others will be fine for Plain and Practice strops. Also secured a good source for my 3" Genuine Flax Linen to ensure I can offer it for years to come. No word on any availability of 2 1/2" linen though.

Also working on a few small wooden projects not related to shaving but fun for me to make and maybe at some point I will make them available to those with an interest. Been making some exotic and domestic hardwood chopsticks for Sushi/Asian food lovers and some Early American inspired, "Primitive/Farm House" style cutting, bread and charcuterie boards from local Maryland sourced hardwoods.

And as always I truly appreciate all the support you have given me over the past 15 years I have been making strops. I am blessed and honored to have your support. Thank you.
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