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Semogue Vs Omega - How Different?

Since I have fallen off the 2012 Shave Supplies Sabbatical wagon in style, I have been considering a cream order from a store that stocks Semogue brushes. When I started using brushes I couldn't find a supplier for Semogue in the UK, so my boar collection consists of 3 Omegas, all of which I enjoy (00049, 11137 and 13522 - a great little brush for the money).

My question is simply this - if I were to pick up a Semogue (currently a toss up between 620, 1305, 1800 or SOC) would I notice a significant improvement in performance over my Omegas? I am tempted, but I really only want to spend the money if the Semogue will seriously impress me. There is no way I can justify another boar on the basis of need, and I would have some explaining to do around the house!

Thanks for any insights!
Hi, I don't frequent the shaving forums much any more - after trying nearly every product under the sun over the last couple of years, I have settled on one brush, one razor, one blade, and a couple of soaps! :ohmy:

During my boar-phase, I preferred Omega boars over Semogues. I found Semogues too longer to break in, weren't as dense, and were more prickly, in general, then the Omegas. I also found their short loft boars were too short for the hair type - boar hair needs to be around 55mm loft, in my opinion.

The 2009 Semogue LE two band was an exception - I regret selling that one. I haven't tried any of the Owners Club models that reportedly have the same hair. I would definitely check out one of those - it will beat the Omega 49 a bit in terms of density, feel and performance, and the handle is great.

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MMMV from John's, I preferred the Semogue, specifically the 1250 which became very soft and retained good backbone, though not as stiff as the Omega IMO, after ~15-20 lathers.
I've also had the 610, same Hair Grade and Loft (55mm) as the 1250, with a shorter handle and the 2000 which is very large @60/26 and a fat 50mm handle, my overall favorite is the 1250. I'd also recommend the La Toja regular or Sensitive SC if you're browsing Vintage Scent.
The cheaper Omega's are definitely better than the cheaper Semogues. The Omega's are more dense, softer tips and overall, better performers. I received an Omega mighty midget in a PIF and it is awesome! The cost of that brush is around $10. Compare this to the $12-15 Semogue's and the Omega comes out on top.
When you get into the upper range, the Semogue's kick butt.
I have come to settle on the 1800 which I find is the PERFECT balance of backbone and density and tip softness. The handle is also the most ergonomic I have ever used on any brush.
Even the Omega 31064 doesn't compete against the Semogue 1800.

BTW I got my 1800 from vintagescent.com
They are the best Semogue stockists around, a total pleasure to deal with!


B&B's Man in Italy
With all due respect for Omega, a well known brand that makes very good boar brushes, Semogue is simply superior IMHO.
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