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Sebum Gold

I see a few members talking this stuff up. Having used oils in the past I would like to buy some.

Only thing is the price. Yikes! I noticed that around January 2018 he was offering them for under $100. Does anyone know if the manufacturer has any particular sale dates?
I have Sebum Gold, and enjoy it a great deal in the winter. It's too much for me during this sweltering Seattle heat (now that's a non sequitur...), but it's very enriching and smells great.

I bought mine when it was on sale for $75. If it were a few dollars more, I probably wouldn't have bought it. I must say, however, I don't regret the purchase. I don't have anything else like it, and the 5 oz bottle is definitely a lifetime supply (the way I use it). My only concern is that it goes stale before I get through it.

If you use balms (rather than splashes) on a regular basis, this is a good purchase.
Its not cheap but it is well worth it. I got the 1.7 oz bottle with the glass top. Your face will be smooth for hours even after you shave. Their shtick is they are all natural and their packaging is all recyclable. Good stuff.
Some questions have popped up about this product, so I thought I'd revive this thread.

I enjoy the Sebum Gold a great deal. It's like a balm, except it's entirely oil, with no traditional lotion or cream element. My skin isn't particularly dry, but it always makes my skin feel healthier, without any tackiness or (ironically) oiliness that I feel sometimes from even my favorite aftershave balms. The 5 oz jug I've got is most certainly a lifetime supply, as I only need a half dozen drops to make my face feel great. I hope this helps!
I purchased two bottles when it was on sale at $75 a bottle, gave most of the first bottle away to the Mrs and my son and just cracked open the second bottle, I sure the second will last a long time as for me it’s not really a sometime treatment so I only use 3-4 drops and about double that in the winter but here in south Texas we really don’t have much of a winter

It is a quality product that is sold as more of a skin serum than aftershave, I’m not a chemist so don’t know the particulars but it does have a positive effect over a regular aftershave splash but it’s a shame it cost so much but I hear the maker now sells different size bottles
Well I caved. Finally made enough by selling other things. Sebum gold is on its way to my humble abode!

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