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Scented or unscented moustache wax?

Rusty Blade

I have several of each (scented and unscented) and I must admit I prefer the unscented variety. I don't mind a hint of lavender or sandalwood, but some of the scented ones are too much for my sensitive sniffer. And if the scent is strong I have to sniff it all day.

How about you? Do you prefer scented or unscented moustache waxes? Do you have a particular favourite scent?
I cannot stand the smell of some natural butters/oils; smells like baby vomit. So a light natural scent allows me to actually use them. Some have an artificial scent like venom.... I am very picky
I much prefer unscented waxes. I have some lanolin sitting in my Amazon cart waiting for the end of the month to order that I may end up mixing essential oils into, but that's if I need to.
I prefer unscented moustache waxes/balms, as well. Having something strong-smelling right under my nose all day is just plain annoying.
I have a tin of Uncle Norman’s Moustache Tamer and it smells like pine tree sap. I’ve gotten to like it, but it’s an acquired taste.
Depends. I've grown to like WSP wax, which is available scented. I enjoy them, but the scented versions seem to be a bit softer. I love the smell of Lockhart's, but I find it a bit tough to work with.