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Scent-amental Vacation

Hey All,

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, I know I am still recovering from turkey overload, but it was well worth it.

I was hoping I could get some help from you all on selecting a shaving regimen for an upcoming vacation to Hawaii that I surprised my 61 year old mother with a few weeks ago. It will be a sentimental vacation for me as my mom was a single mother and never had the means to take us on many vacations and I remember her talking about how her parents went to Hawaii a lot when she was younger and I know she has always wanted to go.

I have always associated smells and scents with memories (might speak to some of my SCAD, SSAD etc) and would like to pick a shaving cream and aftershave that I can forever come back to to remind me of the trip. That being said, it would be a combo I will only use for this trip and keep at the back of the cabinet to come back to later in life when the need for memories strikes.

This might sound strange, but I think we all come along something that we catch a whiff of that takes us back to a good time/memory, so why not try to create one?

Thanks for any suggestions and Happy Holidays!

Dan, what a great trip and treat for your mom! For Hawaii, I would suggest Coconut shave cream (GFT), followed by a warm, rich Royalle Spyce AS (or cologne). Both are tropical scents and quite memorable. Have fun and send pics!!
Trumper's Coconut Oil shave cream. Or possibly a marine scented cream like T&H 1805 or O Melhor! or AOS Ocean Kelp.

Enjoy your trip!
Mix taylors coconut shave cream with a lime cream or soap. Lime coconut mix always reminds me of my trip to maui. And some bay rum to finish it off. Enjoy your trip!
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