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Saponificio Varesino scent guide? Similar brands?

Saponificio Varesino shave soap is mentioned a lot as being one of the best around.

For someone like myself who will never see them in person, how do I figure out the scents and find the ones I will like? I think I should try one of the Saponificio Varesino versions. Do they offer sampler packs I may have missed?

What other brands are similar premium shave soaps? I see Haslinger mentioned some but, it doesn't seem to get the praise of Saponificio Varesino.
Just FYI, on their website they give a full breakdown of the scent composition. Reading some of them, its pretty obvious a lot of them are popular mens cologne clones with a slight twist. i.e. Opuntia = Creed Aventus, Desert Vetiver = terre d'hermes etc. I've got some AS samples and body wash samples with a couple orders, perhaps they can be purchased off their website?
I had gotten samples of quite a few of the SV soaps from Shavedash before committing to a whole puck. It doesnt looks like they have the best SV selection at the moment, though.
Sir, SV is unique. There is really nothing on the market that is in anyway comparable. Get some SV samples and thank me later. :cuppa:

This is 100% true. I ordered the SV sample pack linked above and actually had two delivered to me!! Going through them I discovered they are all really sophisticated and that wow, all our tastes in scents are so so different and hard to gague. The ones I thought I'd like from reading the SV posts here and descriptions were not really in line with what I learned from the sampler.

Best $20 I ever spent in the hobby so far. I keep some of the extra samples in my travel kit, they are perfect for that!
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