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Saint Charles Shave ~ September News

Saint Charles Shave is almost One! Next month, on October 22nd to be exact; Saint Charles Shave will celebrate it's first year anniversary. I can't believe it's been that long.​

I've learned a lot; I've had tons of fun, I've made new friends (a very good perk). I've made mistakes; some big, some small; but have learned from them.

With a lot of help from new and old friends, who volunteered their time and also their faces to test; I'm able to offer new products I'm proud of.

Please be sure to check in next month and join me in celebrating my first year. I will offer Anniversary Sales, select new limited items and a step out-of-the-box 'fun' fragrance or two.

The September fragrance is " Coconut ". Choose from a soap filled Stainless Steel bowl or a four ounce jar of shave creme while supplies last. Compare my Stainless Steel soap filled bowls, with friction lids, which are sold elsewhere for $19.50 'empty'. Very 'V' shower gel is also now available. 8 ounces of rich lather compliment Very 'V' shave creme and Eau De Toilette.

PLEASE READ: Due to current postal restrictions, I will no longer be able to process International shipments of any of my products containing alcohol. Specifically, this restriction applies to all of my Eau De Toilette sprays; Bay Rum low alcohol After Shave, and Tony's Choice Regular After Shave.

Domestic shipments of any 'alcohol product' (as above) within the contiguous 48 states are forbidden by air and will ship via ground. Corrections to my website are in process.​

I hope to offer Dry Oil Sprays in the current Eau De Toilette fragrances later this month. I have received conflicting infomation on the mailing/shipping of Dry Oil Sprays.

Soon, I'll be making changes in the packaging of my Shave Creme. Temporairily, the containers you recieve in orders may differ from those pictured on my website during this transition. Be assured the quality is the same and is backed by my guarantee of satisfaction.

SCS will be closed September 11th. thru September 22 while I vacation with family and dear friends of 33 years. Orders received during that time will be promptly processed in the order received upon my return.

I wish good health and happiness to all of you and my heartfelt gratitude for your support of me and Saint Charles Shave.
Sue said:
With a lot of help from new and old friends, who volunteered their time and also their faces to test; I'm able to offer new products I'm proud of.

Don't forget legs!!

Have a nice 11 days off Sue! And congrats on the one year anniversary!
Hello Sue,

...I only want to wish you a very nice vacation and time to relax...:wink2: :wink2:

Congrats on your anniversary...:thumbup:

Thank you Art and Thomas!

Oops, a big thank you to the women who volunteered their legs also. :)
Sue, thank you for your contributions to wetshaving this past year. I hope the second year is more successful and fulfilling to you.
Good on ya Sue. Almost a year? Wow, time does fly. I haven't purchased from you yet but I will. That Fairway is calling to me. Take care and have a great vacation.

Regards, Todd
Aw buqqer! I was going to order a couple more of your colognes to go with the ones you sent me a couple of weeks ago!

We lose out most ways in the UK.

Congrats on SCS one year anniversary and enjoy your vacation-oh, wait let me get my order in first, then enjoy your vacation! :biggrin: :biggrin:


Congratulations! Words cannot express the joys and sorrows felt for you this past year. Enjoy your vacation. It is what is meant to be.


Enjoy your vacation. I expect to play another order as soon as you return.

Just received the Sandalwood edt and Bergamot/Rose Hydrosol. Sue kindly included a sample of the Savory Rose cream and I will be using this in the morning for my shave. I love the smell in the container so if the shave goes well I will be placing another order.

Yikes, talk about shavus interruptus. I was so excited when I saw Coconut, I stopped reading and went straight to SCS to place an order, only to learn of Sue's vacation. :ohmy:

Congrats on one year Sue. I'm glad you've had the patience to put up with us for the past year as you've definitely made a positive contribution. :biggrin:

I was on the road for a couple weeks, and the only latherable I brought with me was some SCS Shamrock. It was all I needed. The whipped buttercream is absolutely top notch as well.

I hope you're enjoying your vacation Sue!

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