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Ruger 45 Colt Custom Blackhawk on Gunbroker

Seems like there a lot of us who shoot/hunt, etc. I realize I cannot sell here yet, but I have 3 dozen transactions on Gunbroker and over 150 on eBay. I thought I would mention that I posted an as new Ruger 45 Colt Blackhawk, customized by John Gallagher, on Gunbroker.

45 Colt 4 5/8" barrel. The gun is a very nice blue and the first couple pictures show that pretty well. Shoot me a PM or email if you'd like pics, etc.

If this is a violation, please delete, no offense taken.

Work performed:

Steel grip frame
Steel ejector housing
SBH Hammer
Chamfer Cylinder
Cylinders reamed
Base Pin
Weigant Front Site – interchangeable blade(s) option.
Bowman Rough Country Rear site
Lanyard ring
Tapered barrel
I am not and neither is this gun :001_smile

I toyed with the idea of CAS, but just never found the time. I wish I had though :frown:
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