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Rubberset 400 NOS

Mike H

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Proving that even a blind squirrel can find a nut...

The knot measures about 25 mm X 61 mm. Overall about 142 mm. I do not have calipers, just using the ruler.
Weighs about 73 grams.


Bottom of box

Top of box.
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Mike H

Instagram Famous

Well, maybe not New Old Stock, since it does have a few scratches on the collar, a small dent on the bottom, and it is missing the instruction sheet and wrapping tissue. Still I am pretty stoked.
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That's amazing, great find on this congrats...sooo shiny!
particularly find the bottom of the handle inscription very very nice, no signs of aging at all.
Very nice score. aha can you tell us what you got it for. Was it really a score? Or not. To be honest with you I would have payed quite a lot for it. :001_tt1:
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