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Royal Crown DE

Just scored this baby on the bay. The razor is plated cast steel. After cleaning it, the plating was in such horrible condition, that I decide to simply grind all imperfections from the casting process and high polish the entire razor.

I had a couple of shaves with it already and I have to say, it is a very nice shaver (shave is similar to Merkur HD)

From Waits' SRC...
Royal Crown: Royal Specialty Co., New York, N.Y. Gillette type, ribbed bar guard, hex handle. Circa 1942-1945

Here are before and after pictures:


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The curve of the blade is similar to that in a Gillette old type. Not too aggressive. I'll post some more pics when I get home tonight.
Great score! Hey, that looks like an unidentified razor I picked up a while back. Are there any markings on it? Mine has none whatsoever; I thought it might be an old Star but it looks a lot like your pictured razor.
no markings whatsoever... had to browse through the compendium... but it's the only one that matched the description and picture...
Stunning transformation. The head and safety bar on that razor look very similar to my plastic handled Barbasol razor.
Nicely designed safety razor. The octagon handle and simplicity of the head makes me want to try one. The build quality looks quite good. Would you say it delivers good shaves?
I found one of these in an eBay lot, and it impressed the heck out of me when I used it. It's like a Tech with guts, delivering a smooth yet very effective shave.

I think I'll investigate this grinding and polishing trick, because mine is not a beauty!
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