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Roony Brushes...


We have a small selection of Rooneys available for immediate despatch, with more arriving soon. We intend having a more comprehensive selection, but will only stock the Best, Super and Finest grades as we feel this will compliment our existing ranges more fully.


It is my personal opinion, having viewed the whole range that they really are something special and worthy of all the excitement!

We also have availble for immediate despatch "unbranded" English, handmade hairbrushes, http://www.gentlemans-shop.com/acatalog/handmade-ebony-hairbrush.html#a319 and shaving brushes, http://www.gentlemans-shop.com/acatalog/Tall_Shaving_Brush.html

A full range of Taylor's shaving cream and City of London Brushmaker products, including hair & nail brushes will be available later next week. http://www.gentlemans-shop.com/acatalog/ivory-nail-brush.html#a261

Don't forget your 10% badgerandblade online discount...

Regards, Robert

Thanks for the heads up. I'm really enjoying the smaller handle brushes.. so please do not hesitate to PM me when you get some in. An example would be the Rooney with the 24mm knot that got reviewed on SMF.
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