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Rookie strop question

hello, this is my strop

image5.jpeg < deer hide image1(4).jpeg < back side > i strop a few passes on the back and a few on the front, and im done.

i just got this new strop but it has a bunch of flaps, and im confused which side i need to strop on. there is a thick on a skinny one

image2(2).jpeg < front side / skinny image1(4).jpeg < front fliped, exposing the thick one / rough side

image0(5).jpeg < behind the thick one/ smooth.

also i got a cloth one but i know what to do with that. i strop on it first then the leather image3(1).jpeg

do i strop on the thick one, on the smooth side or rough side, or do i strop on that skinny one on the smooth brown leather with the lama logo on it. or is it a combination.

thank you


None of that looks really like deer to me but certainly could be wrong.

Your new strop seems to have a suede and a tanned strop. With that most do suede first then the tanned or smooth leather (with logo). Use the side that is out. Use suede, flip, use leather.

More common to see a strop with a fabric and a leather strop. The fabric can be many things but linen traditionally. Same deal. Fabric followed by the leather hence the expression “linen then leather”.

Many get into all sorts of order, laps, leathers etc. Use what you find gives you the best edge you like. But typically the secondary strop first (suede for you) then the smooth leather. With a fabric strop maybe stat there then suede then the smooth leather. Or just strop on the smooth leather alone which is not uncommon either.
the original strop, i got from shavesmith, i think it said deer hide.

so first i strop on the linen, then the thick (suede) flap on the rough side or the smoother back side? then i do final passes on the leather with the logo.
Like I said, I certainly could be wrong on the deer strop. Just not familiar with deer like that and more familiar with it being a very soft supple leather. But I learn new things a lot :)

On your strops and how to use, yes, something like that. When buckled like that using the outer side is most common and you don’t try to strop inside between the two. Many strops are not designed to be used front and back (including one piece strops) and really only built for one side to be used even though folks may anyway.

But experiment and try and see how it works out for you.
i might be wrong on the deer i think it might of been the handle wrap that was deer.

i will try this out and see what happens. im gonna have to go really slow so i dont ruin this new strop, my old one is all scratched up.
From looking at your pictures, my opinion is strop on the smooth side only. The suede side is the back of the strop, the smooth side is effective in polishg the edge. On the Llama strop, start with 20 or so passes on the linen side then 50 or soon the smooth side (label outward). I have only seen the suede side (back side) used for loading pastes and used to refine an edge. If you do get into using pastes I wouldnt use them on your Llama strop as that should be your best strop you have. Never go from a pasted strop to your good strop or linnen WITHOUT thoroughlly cleaning your razor, it will contaminate your good strop with paste paticulates.

The second strop is a Kanayama 90000. That is an amazing strop!!! Just use the smooth side. Don't use any pressure or you will roll the edge. Think like you are polishing a steel butterflies wings. Keep it slow, always turn the razor on its spine and make sure the spine of the razor is always in contact with the leather. Best Wishes!