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Rockwell 6S Questions

Considering a 6S, have a few questions:
1. How do you use yours -- do you step down to lower plate(s) as you do 2nd and maybe third pass?
2. Did you NOT like the 6S (seems everyone loves it, curious why for anyone who didn't)
3. Did you polish yours and what did you use to polish it (I dislike that matte finish but could probably live with it)
I love my 6s. It's my daily driver after testing other razors for years. It's been in my den for five years now.
Now after refining my technique I settled at R3. For all passes.
Before I had used 4-6 for a while but 3 gives me effortless bbs shaves every time without having any irritated skin.
I didn't polish my Rockwell.
I tested the chrome plated one and find the stainless steel version much better.
Hello Greg,

I use mine on a 5 plate and do so for the whole shave. Seems the most efficient for me.
Love my 6S, one of my finest razors.
Don't understand why so many people talk about drag from the matte finish. Never noticed it dragging more than any other razor I have. Personally really like the matte finish, nice and industrial so would never polish mine, but to each his own. If you like to polish it go right ahead!


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I had and have since given away a Rockwell 6C. I purchased the 6C instead of the 6S because the 6C is not matte. My takeaways-

1) A good razor for someone just starting out as one can change the plates (obviously that's the point of the razor) giving them the ability to experiment with different gaps.

2) The head definitely on the bulky side. Not real friendly under the nose.

3) Ultimately I found myself only using plate #4. Thus I would have found a 3 piece razor that is fairly mild to be a great fit. Plates 1 and 2 are virtually useless unless one is just starting out. Plate 6 is more aggressive than I would use. As both members above me have stated, they have settled on one plate for ALL their shaves.

I think a better purchase would be a Game Changer or even better a Timeless and if you still wanted the ability to change plates buy both plates. In the GC's .68 and .84 or the Timeless .68 and .95.

Edit- scratch the Game Changer as I saw you did not like it in one of your previous posts. If your looking for an adjustable go for a true adjustable that you can change with a quick twist. Changing plates on the fly isn't ideal.
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I already knew I didn't want the handle as it is too short for my liking and I would only use the 5/6 baseplate so I just bought the top cap and 5/6 baseplate from the websites parts section. $45 total.

I didn't know the blade gaps until post purchase unfortunately and learned that this was too mild for me.

R1: 0.008" (0.20 mm)
R2: 0.014" (0.35 mm)
R3: 0.019" (0.48 mm)
R4: 0.024" (0.61 mm)
R5: 0.027" (0.69 mm)
R6: 0.031" (0.79 mm)

Here is the how to use page:

For me it's counterintuitive. I assumed the reverse for the baseplate placement.

I ended up getting a Yaqi Knight Helmet with a blade gap of 1.65 mm for $8.00.
I've had my 6S for years and I like it a lot.

Unlike some I do change plates, from time to time, mid-shave. Switching is simply a matter of palming the cap, twisting the handle, popping on the next plate and screwing the handle back on. It took me longer to type that on my phone than it does in actual practice. I don't do that with every shave, but it's nice to have the option.

Many who do not care for the 6C/S cite the bulk of the business end. This has never been an issue for me. I just had to learn how to maneuvere the razor.

I did not polish my 6S.
Let me add the Rockwell only looks bulky. But for shaving under the nose the distance from the blade's edge to the top of the cap matters. Most of the bulky looking stuff is under the edge towards the handle. It's not more difficult than with other razors that have curved top caps. Just lift your nose with the other hand. That's all.
is blade aligment problematic? Do you take any time or care to ensure it appears aligned? Or more of an old wives tale?
At least I don't have any problems.
I read about one or two having issues resulting of a defective top cap that had been replaced immediately by rockwell.
But again, don't worry. It's really a great and easy to use razor.
At least I don't have any problems.
I read about one or two having issues resulting of a defective top cap that had been replaced immediately by rockwell.
But again, don't worry. It's really a great and easy to use razor.
How does one know if blade alignment's an issue? I have a 6S in house and I can wiggle the blade a bit while it's on the top cap. Is that normal?
The Rockwell 6s is a big unbalanced heavy lump with the finesse of a 14lb sledge hammer.
If you compare it to razors of yesterday year, there’s no comparison. Gillette design quality razors which were balanced, nice to use and well finished. The 6s on the other hand is heavy, poorly balanced and has the looks of a raw unfinished billet of cast stainless steel. Because the 6s bottom plate has two different cutting options on each plate, one on the bottom the other on the top. The bottom plate is much thicker and heavier than another razors and isn’t in proportion with the top cap, which appears to be of normal size. The handle is a nice length and a reasonable diameter, the only problem is it’s solid steel and weighs a ton. The weighty handle completely unbalances the razor and makes it awkward to manoeuvre.
I hear people saying that it’s adjustable, which isn’t true, you can’t adjust anything. It’s a razor system which has 6 pre-set bottom caps options which change the blade alignment and geometry to give a more or less aggressive shave.
I believe if Rockwell can look at reducing the size and weight of the bottom cap and put more thought into designing the handle and balancing the razor, the shaving experience would be improved.
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To answer your questions in order:

1. I do not step down the plates. I have pretty much settled on plate 4, though I might use the 3 plate if I am experiencing irritation.
2. I love my 6S. It could be my daily driver but I have too many other razors :biggrin1::biggrin1::biggrin1:.
3. With the matte finish on the 6S, no need to polish.
Since working my way up through the plates several years ago, I just leave R6 installed on my 6S. Even with the highest 6S plate, it's plenty smooth enough for daily usage. Very adept at getting the fine barely perceivable stubble, that even the R41 can leave behind, and isn't blade sensitive as some other razors.
I love my 6S, never experienced any drag. I don't change plates in mid shave, but I do sometimes vary the plate from shave to shave depending on which blade I use, and how many days it's been since my last shave.
I very much like the 6S, so much so that I picked one up for my wife. The stainless steel is great for her to shave legs in the shower. Neither of us change the plates. Once it was determined what blade was best, it remained that way.
LOVE my 6S and also have the 6C for travel.

For both, I do the first two passes with plate 4 and flip to plate 2 for ATG on upper lips and neck.

6S would be my desert island razor for sure, and I have 60+ razors in my collection
I was the lucky recipient of @Chef455's 6C. I could not be happier with the 6C. While I am still new to shaving really, and my razor expereince is limited, the 6C is always a consistent and good shaving razor for me.

The size of the top is not an issue, as was previously posted the bulk is under the blade so access is not a problem. I find the weight of the 6C to be hefty but also means I don't need to apply pressure and makes it easier to allow the razor to do the work. It also feels a bit more stable than some very light razors.

I have been testing blades in a 4 day cycle rotating through my first razor, a King C Gillette, a vintage Gillette and the 6C. The 6C is usually a consistently smooth shave and gives a better feel to most of the blades I try. Finding the right cutting angle also seems easier with the 6C than with the other razors.

I currently only use the 4 plate, I find it easiest for my daily driving. I have used the 2,3,4,5 and 6 plates. The 5 and 6 were more aggressive than I needed. I shave daily but only do a two pass shave and I would consider dropping the Rockwell to a lower plate for any special occasion that I needed a three pass. The 2 and 3 plates gave good and very safe shaves.

I will potentially be trying more razors in the future (out of curiosity) but if I was stuck with the 6C for the rest of my life I would not be disappointed.
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