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Ridiculous Price Cuts: Butterscotch Simpson Beauties and More

I need to move on from these wonderful brushes and am done playing games. If you want a beautiful bit of history at a great price don't hesitate! Prices include US shipping and paypal fees.

Simpson MF6 For Marshall Field Co. (Commodore X3 Best Badger) - This knot at 23mm in diamater and 55mm loft shares much of the characteristics of the OB3 listed above: very soft tips, light backbone and some wear. The handle still has some remnants from the original price tag on the bottom and a couple of superficial hairline cracks on the backside. The cracks are very stable and last year I restored a Duke with similar cracks which survived the drilling and internal sanding required to do the job. Again a replacement knot should be considered at some point. Originally $60, now $40

Simpson Polo 10 made for Geo F. Trumper. It is a large brush and unfortunately a bit taller than I prefer. The 28mm x 56mm knot has very soft tips and light backbone (but enough to face lather with). The handle is in perfect shape with the lamp black still intact. When I received this brush I do not believe it had been used before and I have only used it a handful of times. Originally $225, now $175

Culmak Unnumbered (21 x 47 knot) vintage collectors and users will recognize the very excellent hair used in this knot, expect very soft tips and moderate backbone, no defects. Originally $80, now $45 SOLD

Simpson (Gimbels) KH3 (Keyhole 3 22 x 52 knot) - a very rare specimen in excellent condition, knot isn't as soft as the Culmak's but not irritating either. Originally $190, now $150

"MAW" and "Meritor Howe" markings which I am pretty sure was made by Culmak. It has a 21 x 48mm knot. Originally $55, now $30 SOLD

Hoffritz 103 (Chubby 3) Best Badger:
A very good condition brush with a large, dense knot measuring 31x57mm. The handle is in great shape with the original lampblack label still legible, including the rare markings on the base. The knot is very dense and uber-soft, softer than even the best Super Badger I have ever tried from the modern Simpsons offerings. Of course being a Chubby there is ample backbone due to the knot density. The knot does give up a hair every shave or two, but at this rate should last until next century before needing a replacement. Originally $325, now $225 SOLD

I have more pictures available upon request, feel free to PM me for more or ask any questions.​