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Respecting The Elders?

I was just wondering why it seems that the most common razor finds in Antique stores or found amongst Lots on Ebay, are that of the old classics such as Gems, or Gillette New Improved? Are these beauties the ones that are merely left behind after being picked over? Which leads to my next question, why are they priced so cheap in comparison to lets say a Fatboy, Aristocrat or a Red Tip? Are they less worthy?

These razors offer great shaves and are some of the best original razors out there. Yet they seem to be in abundance & really cheap for such great razors in comparison to the other high profile razors that are fetching increasingly higher prices. I was just wondering why this seems to be the case in general? :confused1

Looking forward to your thoughts as always:001_smile
I never see any New Improved razors, but razor lots usually contain a Gem or three. I guess most folks really have no clue what they have with Gem razors. Fatboy razors have ridiculously overinflated values for some reason. Aristocrats and Red Tips are generally revered, so that may account for their higher prices.
I haven't finished collecting all the GEMs yet.
If folks realise how great a razor they are, it'll blow my budget all to heck and back. :scared:

I've talked to a few friends about SEs, and they all look at me like I'm crazy for shaving with a "box knife". They are a lot more interested in the DEs, but I'm sure it's a case of that's all they've seen or even heard of.
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