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Red Personnas VS Crystals

I have tried both of these blades and like them both very much. But for my face I cannot detect a difference between them. Are they really different and which do you prefer?
Same here. The RP's seem very forgiving and yield consistent results for me. I tried the Crystals this week and they seem similar to Merkurs. I gave 'em four days, then moved on to another brand.
I'll have to give 'em a **** again after corking. Today I tried a Derby (corked) and it was the worst blade I've ever tried.
I finally decided that trying all these blades was rather pointless and ordered 100 RP's. I'm still planning to try Swedes and Wilkinson, but I figure life is too short to keep at bad blades. I've never gotten a bad shave with a RP (unless I used it too long) and 100 of them cost less than two packs of Merkur or Feather blades. What's not to love?
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