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Red bumps and "rash like" redness.....need a quick fix!

I have been DE shaving for several years and pretty much have it down. However, every once and a while, a get a rough shave that leaves me with red bumps and a "rash like" burn in different areas in my face. The bumps and redness themselves are no huge deal as it is not that painful, but my skin is so sensitive that it often takes days to fully heal up and look right again. What can I do after a rough shave tears up my face a bit to speed up the healing?

Has anyone tried Tendskin? I was looking at that the other day and it is marketed for razor bumps. If I recall correctly, Tendskin has been discussed in the past and it is the same as an asprin paste? Am I remembering correctly?

Any other suggestions to speed up heal time when something like this happens?

Please note: I am not looking for suggestion like I need to work on my "technique", or work on "beard prep", etc. I am fully aware that when I end up with a bumpy, red face that something went wrong. What I am asking for help with is how to speed up the healing when it does occur.

A bloody good moisturizer. I steal SWMBO's Chanel Hydramax (about $100 a tube and she screams EVERY time...) and slather it on as soon as I see the red. Also before bed.

It helps.
I've started using a facial moisturizer, also stolen from my wife. My razor burn would take up to a week to heal, especially if I had multiple bad shaves. Now, it is gone by the end of the day. Make sure it is a good moisturizer, otherwise the ingredients may further irritate your skin.
Pure Aloe Vera. It also works great on sun burn.

I got an aloe vera cactus at my home. I use it for almost any skin irritation issue, some korean friends suggested my that you can also eat it to help the digestion process... I'm still not that convince by them.
Thanks for the tips so far. I had no idea how expensive Tendskin was. I just left Wal Mart......$14 for 4oz. I bought some witch hazel with 14% alcohol ($3) and am going to crush and dissolve some un-coated asprin in it and see if it works at all. If not, I will try buy the Tendskin. I saw a video and youtube and read some articles that say it is pretty much the same. We will see.......
I would stay away from alcohol if your face looks or feels hot, like it has been burned.

Aloe Vera or a good moisturizer should be more helpful.
I would stay away from alcohol if your face looks or feels hot, like it has been burned.

Aloe Vera or a good moisturizer should be more helpful.

My face does not feel hot...just irritated. The best way I could describe it was a "rash" like burn.

This is the stuff I mixed up.........it is suppose to be pretty close to Tendskin

solution 1:

18 tablets uncoated aspirin, crushed
5 oz. rubbing alcohol

solution 2:
8 tablets uncoated aspirin, crushed
2.5 oz. witch hazel

Then you combine both mixtures. I halved the recipe. I am going to try it for a few days and see what happens.
Yup, there's really no way to speed up the healing process significantly.
Aloe and witch hazel help, but it's still going to take a few days to get better.
Hi Matt: I would include a tube of CORITIZONE 10 lotion. Don't get the cream or ointment but the lotion. It will clear your red bumps. Be sure to wash face before applying. You can purchase this product at your local Walgreen's for about ten bucks.

I went through a crazy bout of razor burn a few years back for one of my tattoo's...I looked into quite a few products, Tendskin was one of them. What came very HIGHLY recommended and I ended up purchasing was the Kiehl's Razor Bump Relief..it worked very well for me.

+1 on Aloe Vera too!
At one time I had the same issue and tried anything and everything, nothing seemed to help until I discovered L'Oreal Men's Expert "Comfort Max Anti-Irritation" After Shave Balm. Stumbled across it at Target of all places and only purchased it because nothing else was helping. Not expensive, alcohol free, non-greasy, easy to acquire and for me it works like a champ.
I am PLEASED to report the concoction of alcohol, witch hazel, and asprin (mentioned above) worked with amazing results. I used it in the morning and night and the next day my face looks so much better. I have been using it in the morning and night for the past three days now and everything looks good (but like I said, it was pretty much healed up after the first day). I would recommend this to anyone having issues with ingrowns or bumps. Give it a try!

The solution is very, very cheap. A bottle of rubbing alcohol is under $1. A bottle of witch hazel is $3. A bottle of generic un-coated asprin is less than $1.
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