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"Real" shaving again

Hi Guys. I'm back into straight shaving again after my hand surgery. Thanks to all who wished me a speedy recovery.
I thought I would use just my favorite stuff for my first attempt, not necessarily my best or most expensive and I will try to attach a photo to this post.
The hardest part of the first shave with the weak hand was the stropping and not the shaving, and here is my kit selection. The soap is self explanatory. The Boker scuttle is a bit small and therefore messy but I love it. The barber strop and the brush are home made and the razor is a Plumacher Blue Diamond that I restored years ago. This razor hones easily, the edge lasts for ever. it's the loudest singing razor that I have and I love cracked ice scales. I have more razors than I care to admit to but this one has remained in my working 7 day set for years.
Once again my friends. thanks for the well wishes, it's good to be back home.


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