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FS Razors and Blades (set): Timless Bronze, Karve Brass, Hawk V3, Nacet, Feather

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Wanting to sell some of my rarely used items.

I'm selling everything together as a set.

CONUS only.

PayPal goods and services only.

Timeless Bronze .78 open comb.
Purchased from Timeless scratch and dent.
I cannot find any defects.
The underside of the cap isn't polished.
3.5" handle.

Forced patina Karve Christopher Bradley Brass with open comb "E" plate.
3.5" "Argyle" handle.

RazoRock Hawk V3 with open comb.
3" two-piece "Halo" handle.
Includes case.

20 Feather blades.

100 Nacet blades.

Razor stand is not included.

$230 takes it all. Shipping included.





Eben Stone

Staff member
Nice patina, did you use Brass Ager or something else?
I bought it from another member that way. Here's the exact details:
I used a four step process on the Karve where I first removed the uneven patina and brought them back to the original finish with a solution of citric acid, then cleaned/polished with toothpaste, then used a brass ager, then finally used #0000 steel wool to highlight areas to bring a relief. It will further patina naturally. It can be brought back to the original finish with another citric acid bath and clean up with toothpaste.

Eben Stone

Staff member
It always surprises me which items sell quickly and which don't.

So the way I've been thinking about this, is I'm selling 3 razors at a good price and including the blades as a bonus for free.

I'll drop the price a few times and if these don't sell as a set by Saturday then I'll break them up. But buying them as a set will be a better deal because I don't have to consider shipping for each item.

$215 takes it all.

Eben Stone

Staff member
$200 takes it all.

Here's the Individual prices (shipping included):

$80 Timeless
$90 Karve
$50 RazoRock

Anyone buying one razor gets choice of Nacet or Feather for free.

Buy two or more razors get both Nacet and Feather for free.

Just to be clear, there's only one pack of Nacet and the two tucks of Feathers go together, first come first served.
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