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Razors and bathroom condensation and dampness.

Hi guys, my bathroom has a fan, but being winter here its very cold and the dampness stays around longer than it should.

I like to have some of my razors on display, not all of them, this point in time i have 3 out.

I often look at them after the daughter and wife have have a shower and they have moisture or condensate on them, its drys in a few hours.

Do you guys worry about this sort of thing or is it a bit OTT, id like the finish of my razors to remain shiny and bright, i always dry them after a shave and leave them near the open window.

Should i story them in a wardrobe or something?

i store my razors in another room as the bathroom has too much moisture for me as we have no windows in it. Most razors should be fine, but i would not keep them in there.
I prefer to show my safety razors atop my dresser and away from the bathroom.

And I store my blades in a dresser drawer.

Your razors won't suffer from bathroom moisture in your lifetime, but the blades are highly vulnerable to moisture!
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