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RazoRock Baby Blue Aftershave

I've seen some bottles in various B S T sections lately (or maybe just one bottle in one ad I keep reading). I may even pull the trigger at retail price if I thought this was a "Floyd" [sic] (on purpose) Never having used Floid Blue I have held off.
Nothing like Floid Blue except possibly similar treatment of the skin. Baby Blue is sweet with a hint of citrus, Floid Blue does have a citrusy note but there is none of the sweetness that you get with BB. BB is very very similar to Vitos aftershave. I think I may like BB a little better than the Vitos but they are almost interchangeable.
Just so I'm reading this correctly, BB and Floid perform very similarly, but smell differently. Vitos and BB are very identical in every way. Is this correct?
That is correct, all three are very satisfying in performance and skin care. But Baby Blue and Vitos could be twin sisters, or at least kissing cousins.

I have all three and glad I do.

The closest scent I could liken Floid Blue to would be Speick aftershave splash. I like the FB better for scent, and the Speick better among these two for skin care.
But if you have ever tried Speick the scent is slightly reminiscent of FB. No sweetness to either of them.

All of these mentioned here are keepers in my book. Hope that helps.
I think BB and Skin Bracer Original smell very much alike, with the main difference being that SB has a menthol kick to it.
I recently took possession of some Baby Blue, and I am very impressed. I like the scent and love the performance so far (2 uses). Never tried FB unfortunately.
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