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Rattray's, Hal O' The Wynd

I had forgotten how much I enjoyed my first introduction to Virginias after chasing after so many others for the perfect one. I've since revisited this tobaccy after resting in the tin for a year, I think my first love may have been my true love. Anyone else had a " Man, I forgot why I liked this blend to start with." moment?
I like Hal o the wind. I am currently enjoying a well aged of about 10 years old. I have had the moment where for whatever reason I stopped smoking a blend that I enjoy, only to come back to it and not like it.

Commander Quan

Commander Yellow Pantyhose
I just had a bowl yesterday, and for me this is a blend I could smoke everyday. I had the opposite experience, when I first tried it I didn't care for it at all, but I went back to it sometime later and it's been great ever since.
To say my approach to tobacco selection used to be scatter gun would be an understatement. My smoking technique was pretty raw and I gave some really fine tobaccos the dust off simply because I wasn't smoking them properly. But it was a long time ago, I was a novice and all the old stuff was on the shelves in smoke & news shops all over town waiting to be tried. It was like dating a string of trashy and not so trashy girls. You'd run into one later and wonder what you ever saw in her. You'd run into another and it would be, "Hmm... yeah. That was a good time. We should do it again."
HOTW is on my list of tobacco's to try out.

I'm finding that a lot of the tobacco's that I didn't like at first are quite different with more experience. I'm incredibly glad that I was instructed to buy a case of mason jars when I started buying tobacco. Zero waste and a nice growing cellar so far.
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