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Raleigh Pen Show: Anybody Going?

I forget why I missed last year, but I was there 2 and 3 years ago. 2 years ago, we went for the weekend.

This year, I'll either be there Friday afternoon or Saturday. I'm not sure which yet. I think the Triad pen club (not the Triangle one) is going to try to meet up there maybe. That would probably be Saturday.
I'm thinking about going over on Friday afternoon if anybody is interested in meeting up for a coffee or perhaps a beer. I missed the Triangle meeting last week because I was out of town so I don't know what their plans are.
man, i really wish i had the funds to go. I really want to shoot for next year. i need to set aside some play money for a show like that.
I'm thinking about going by early on Friday--maybe meet late afternoon? What's a good time? I don't want to cramp your pen shopping! I'll have to check and see what's around the hotel (any suggestions?).
The best area is on the other side of Weston Parkway on the corner of Weston and Harrison. There's a Starbucks and a Cafe Carolina for coffee and Bonefish Grill has a nice bar. I'll probably only spend a couple of hours at the show, so maybe meet about 3:00 or 4:00 at the show and then go for coffee or beer. I'm pretty open to other ideas, especially to accommodate others who would like to join us.


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Raleigh the Troops!


(I have no chance of attending any of these pen shows, so this is the only fun I get.)
Raleigh is a great show. The auction is a blast if you can go Friday night. Always some deals to be had there, especially if you can do some repairs yourself, there are often lots of unrepaired pens that go cheap. Restore them or use them for parts. We'll be rolling in Friday morning after having driven all night, so little sleep + pen show = FUN! Don't forget the two hour happy hour after the show closes. Nothing like a couple glasses of wine/beer and showing off the days finds.

Looking forward to a good time! See some of you there!
Brian, you may not know this for certain, but the happy hour is an amenity for the guests of the hotel, right? It's not something extended to non-hotel guests even if they're local dealers with a table but not staying overnight or weekend fee attendees as I understand it.

I know the auction is for those with a table or who pay the weekend rate. That's pen show standard.
Yes, if you're staying at the hotel the happy hour is for guests. I've never seen them check though (but I wouldn't know anything about that). :closedeye

Admission is $10 regardless of when you come (and is good for the entire weekend), so anyone who is coming to the show can go to the auction. If you've never been, it is something to see, especially if there are any high ticket items and enough players in the room to bid them up. If nothing else, there is the dessert party before hand to keep you busy. :)
Really? I can go to the auction on the normal admission? Wow. That heavily influences my attendance decision. I guess Saturday is gaining ground.
From the Raleigh Show website:

"Public Show Admission is $10.00 per person or $15.00 per couple
Admission is good for all three days
Children 12 and under are free"

I guess the auction is Saturday night, not Friday. Awesome! I can get some sleep Friday night now! :)
I wouldn't be able to get to the show until 1 PM on Friday at the most optimistic. I'm going to go on Saturday instead. If anybody is going to be there then, I'll be the guy wearing the FPGeeks button (I just got it today along with a Lamy Nexx I won in their most recent podcast). I hope you Friday folks have a great time and post about it here!
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