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Question for Tabac Users

I recently received a small sample of Tabac EDT with a purchase from QED. I really like this a lot, and it seems to last for a long time. How does this compare to the cologne in terms of scent and staying power? I tried the AS and it was so-so; did not like it enough to buy it.
My impression is the Tabac EdT is significantly different from the Tabac Cologne and AS. The Cologne and AS both smell pretty similar to Tabac shaving soap and are very similar to each other, but the EdT is very different, sharper and perhaps more floral where the Cologne and AS are softer and more powdery. If you like the EdT and don't like the AS, I would be surprised if you would like the Cologne. As for staying power, they all last long throughout the day.
Thanks for the quick reply-you helped me to decide, as the scent of the AS was not quite for me, but the EDT is spot on.
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