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Question about Old Spice soap

I picked up a puck of Old Spice soap on ebay. First, let me say that the lather was incredible. But, I found that it didn't have the Old Spice scent. I would describe it as old soap scent. Kind of musty. I was wondering if this is just because it is old, and will wear off, or if that is the scent of the Old Spice soap.

Any Old Spice soap users out there who can give me some input?
Sometimes old soaps lose their scents. I picked up an Old Spice soap (plus mug) on ebay and got lucky--mine retains its scent.
I still have Old spice soap in my rotation and for the most part the ones I find have a soapy fragrance, occasionally I find a puck that has a faint smell of Old Spice, but not often. I don't really remember them having a strong fragrance when I started shaving in the sixties. As I remember, the Old Spice aftershave and cologne had a much stronger fragrance than the soap.

Funny enough the strongest scented product I remember was Foamy Lemon Lime when it came out. Whew, you could smell that stuff all the way down the hall in the dorm.
It's lost its scent. That musty scent could be a sign of mold creeping in, though. Use it a few more times and see if the stink goes away.
I have a puck or two (not enough) of this old soap and mine also has most of the scent gone. But it lathers like the devil, probably due to the tallow rich goodness. I love this old soap!
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