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Quality Leather Belts?

Where does every one get their leather belts from? I use to order from a smallish company but they seem to be out of business. I know about Saddleback Leather Co. but never ordered a belt from them. Obviously looking for much better quality than the stuff in department stores. Thank you.


My son found a vendor on Etsy and we ordered a belt from them. Something was lost in translation (they are in Europe) and the belt was WAY longer than needed. I blame myself as I didn't understand belt sizes, I do now!

Instead of returning it which they offered to take it back and send another I took it to a local leatherworker and they shortened the belt. No harm no foul, we really like the belt.

Otherwise, it's been a perfect fit for my son, it's a heavy leather belt that should give him years of service.

In my limited experience, I'd look for a local leatherworker. Get a belt with good quality hardware as well. The belt we got wasn't stitched at the buckle end so it was easy to undo the hardware and cut off a few inches of the belt and re-hole and reattach the hardware. The local leatherworker I went to doesn't seem to have similar belts of that quality, though they had lots of other stuff.
Coach Leather! Not a smallish company, but one with a long history of quality leather products for women and men. My Coach belts last me for decades.

The real question here is not regarding the brand of belts, but a PLACE where a gentleman can go to actually see, feel, and try on a belt (or any other item). I am a dedicated patron of my local men's shop in my hometown of Kalamazoo, MI for this very reason.

@OldSkoolMillennial, if you are in NYC, you are blessed with a great number of fine men's clothing shops to all find the belt, shoes, ties, suits, outerwear, gear, etc. you could ever imagine! One can buy ANYTHING online, but forget that and go visit a real store, you won't regret it (except for maybe this overly busy time of year)!
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Here in Australia I have found that RM Williams or Caterpillar belts give me years of service. I wear one belt until it falls apart. In the last probably 15 years I have had 2 belts. A Caterpillar and then my current RM Williams. I do no maintenance. No cleaning, polishing or whatever else you do with belts. Just wear them out.
I make my own. It is quite easy to make high quality belts with very few tools. Filson makes the finest belt I have ever purchased Previously.
Definitely can be made with minimal tools.

Skiver, punch set, awl, needle, thread makes a nice basic belt. You can get punches and whatnot and start getting fancy too.
My next should be a Mitch Rosen. I had him make a scabbard for a G2 Surefire and/or another light and it begs for a matching belt now.

Rudy Vey

We had a member here, Eaglestroker - I think was his B&B name, he made me four super belts. They are holding up extremely well. I am not sure if he is still around, he made also a lot of carry holsters, and the belts are designed for use with these holsters. Excellent quality!!
I’m a big fan of Saddleback Leather. My belt is at least three years old and it just gets better as it ages. Too bad my body type is not the best showcase. I wear it daily and, at 63, I don’t plan on buying another belt unless I buy a Saddleback in another color.