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purple heart.

ok iv got a few blocks of pruple heart glued up and was wondering what style to make out of them?

one is 2'' cubed and the other is 2.5 tall x 2''x2''

this is what it looks like with one coat of poly on it. it was made from a scrap piece to see how the wood turned. it seems similar to mahogany in structure and how it turns.

so what design would you like to have in purple heart? (i may think of selling them if they turn out good enough)
D-A-Y-U-M very nice!...which knott you gonna use?

no idea the scrap in the picture is too small to use as an actual handle. its basically a reperesentation of how it looks with a coat of sealant on it. the blanks are large enough to make a proper handle out of. as for the knot that depends if i end up selling them. the buyer would specify (or supply) the knot to be used if i end up keeping it maybe ill throw a 24mm 2 band fan in in the tall one and a 30mm silvertip in the short one. (given they can take that size)

also for the thread its suprising how heavy this wood is.

purple heart
Yup. Mahogany (and related woods) are very dense and heavy.
Les Paul guitars are made from Mahogany, the classic Flying-V is Korina (African Mahogany).

The dust is also toxic (as are many wood dusts, I get a headache working with oak).

I've always wanted to build a guitar from Purpleheart.
the point of the pictures were to just show how much heavier the purple heart is. the mahogany is like 2 time more material and its lighter. the purple heart is extremely dense and has a fine grain structure but cuts fairly easily.

cb a purple heart guitar would be pretty damn cool.

but anyways im at a bit of a loss for handle designs for the two blanks so suggestions are welcomed.
well i turned the small block. funky shape. its upside down

and heres it with a wet coat of poly

what ya think. again the handles upside down. wide part is the top.
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