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Pure Bubs

Anyone else try Pure Bubs whipped shaving cream?

I didn't see any posts here, so I decided to start a thread and share my experience with it.

I found them on Etsy when searching for a cream with cocoa butter.

I ordered on Etsy. Shipping from Greece was surprisingly reasonable and it took about 2 weeks or so to show up.

I ordered the White Musk scent in the 100 ml size.

Here are the ingredients. What do you guys think?
Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (from coconut oil), Coco Betaine, Water, Stearic Acid, Bentonite Clay, Shea Butter, Vegetable Glycerin, Vitamin E, Fragrance Oil, Activated Charcoal

This particular cream of theirs (which is what they recommended for shaving when I contacted them on Etsy) doesn't contain cocoa butter. So even though I got to their shop searching for a cream with cocoa butter, the one I ended up ordering didn't have any. :) They have other soaps that contain cocoa butter that are suitable for shaving like their "fluffy whipped soap", but they nudged me towards their "whipped shaving soap".

Anyway, here are some thoughts after using it:
- The scent is quite strong, sort of between MdC and St. James of London. Despite the strong scent, it didn't cause any irritation with my sensitive skin.
- The cream is extremely soft but a little sticky, probably due to the use of clay?
- It lathers quickly and the lather is slick and has decent cushion. I think it's designed even for brushless use.
- The lather is very thin and dare I say drippy. The thickness is halfway between regular hand/bath soap and what one would expect from a shave soap. This is probably the biggest negative.

Overall, it seems like a decent product and quite a bit cheaper than Muhle Organic which is my regular cream. But I prefer the Muhle because of the thickness of the lather and its muted yet clean scent. The Pure Bubs also took a little more work to rinse out from the shaving brush, again I'm guessing probably because of the clay.
Interesting! One question. How do they get a lid on this?

^ haha. Yes, it has a lid. The cream does look like that, but unlike the MdC "brain bowls" this one is not filled beyond the top of the container.
Here are some pictures.


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