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Protesting Our Fallen Soldiers,,,

My neighborhood may hit the national news tomorrow if something violent happes. Read the story and tell me how you feel. This group has a web site www.godhatesfags.com Does this sound like a Baptist Church to you ?

Bullock promises jail time for funeral protestersChurch group lists Deason funeral as possible protest site

St. Francois County Sheriff Dan Bullock is drawing a line in the sand for a group of religious protesters from Topeka, Kansas.

A group that has threatened to picket or protest the funeral of U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Michael Deason is getting a stern message from county law enforcement. The Westboro Baptist Church has listed on its Web site the Deason funeral as a subject for a picket on Sunday between 1:15 and 2 p.m.

Bullock said that isn't going to happen here.

“I have studied this issue for two days,” Bullock said. “I have spoken to the Westboro Baptist Church and their attorney. I have also talked with St. Francois County Prosecuting Attorney Wendy Wexler Horn, Farmington Police Chief Rick Baker and Desloge Police Chief James (Jebo) Bullock. I told the Westboro Baptist Church that we were drawing the line here in St. Francois County.”

Bullock said if the church members are present at any point between one hour before and one hour after Deason's funeral, they will go to jail.

The protesters go around the country picketing funerals of fallen soldiers because they believe that God has now become America's terrorist, killing and maiming American troops in strange lands for homosexual sins in America.

The hearse carrying Deason home Friday night was accompanied by police escort as well as the Patriot Guard Riders. The Patriot Guard Riders are a diverse group of motorcycle riders from across the U.S. Besides a love for motorcycles, they have in common the unwavering respect for those who risk their very lives for America's freedom.

The mission of the group is to show respect for fallen heroes, their families and their communities. The group's other mission is to shield the mourning family and friends from interruptions created by any protester or group of protesters.

The group will also be riding in Deason's funeral procession on Sunday


Mr Deason just had a little baby and was suppose to come home in a week or so.

Your comments would be appreciated.
Well, as the Islamists are not representative of true Islam, these jacka$$es aren't a Christian group, either. :mad3:

I say arrest every last one of them! I'm all for free speech, but just as you can't yell "fire" in a crowded theater, I think these "protesters" should be rounded up. Honor for the fallen, dignity for the family! And my prayers go out SSgt. Deason's family. Thank God for the Patriot Guard Riders and their work.

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These type of people are truly disturbing. If they feel such passion they should be protesting in Washington and not at our heroes last resting place. Having a son that will deploy next fall to Iraq this truly makes me angry. :mad:
PalmettoB said:
Well, as the Islamists are not representative of true Islam, these jacka$$es aren't a Christian group, either. :mad3:

I say arrest every last one of them! I'm all for free speech, but just as you can't yell "fire" in a crowded theater, I think these "protesters" should be rounded up. Honor for the fallen, dignity for the family! And my prayers go out SSgt. Deason's family. Thank God for the Patriot Guard Riders and their work.

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I agree, which is why I chose the word "religion" vs. Christianity. One definition of religion is very applicable:

obsession: an object, practice, cause, or activity that somebody is completely devoted to or obsessed by
The definition is from encarta.com.

rtaylor61 said:
I agree, which is why I chose the word "religion" vs. Christianity.

Spot on. I'm a believer in Christ, but organized religion has been a stinker in much of human history. :cursing:
That group at Westboro are a bunch of nuts being led by a nut. I have a hard time relating hatred, vitriol, and Christian behavior. Every one of those kooks should be locked in a padded cell someplace. They're the people that give Christianity a bad name.
Just had a quick look at their site. They are seriously sick people. Don't understand why they are picketing soldier's funerals either. What have they got to do with their homophobia?
Their leader is a hater who disguises his hatred by using religion. A lot of mainstream christian groups have publicly denounced this group. His actions are indefensible from a biblical standpoint. He, as all of us, will ultimately be judged by one who sees into the heart.
I am a member of the Patriot Guard Riders. We were origionally formed to offset the damage the Westboro Baptist Church was doing at the funerals of our military sons. We have since become dedicated and determined that our loved ones do not die in a hateful situation. We have many, many Vietnam Veterans in our group, we will not allow the same types of protests to happen once again, moreover opinions offered by a bunch of zeolots using the name of Christianity, and the first amendment as a political/religious platform. You can find out more information about us at www.patriotguard.org Our family and our loved ones come first. And always will....

This is a letter I recieved from another of the members not so long ago right after a local soldier died and we were there...

My first mission was Lance Corporal Phillip Martini last month. I went from here to Wauconda and met up with Jeff Lockhart (Ride Captain yesterday) and his wife Julie and Joe Alger. Another hour later we checked into a hotel that Ed had designated our official hotel and crash site. I crashed in the room for a few hours while we made name tags and such, got 2 hours sleep and stood watch outside the funeral home with others until the morning as we knew the protesters would be at that mission, somewhere, sometime. When watch was turned over before the funeral home opened, I got back to the hotel, cleaned up and grabbed my stuff. Back on the bike to the staging area.

The protesters showed up, 9 total. They were told by the police that the church is private property and would have to stand across the street. Over 200 PGR created a blanket of flags for the family from the street down the drive to the church. All they could see were Americans who were proud of their son. They knew we had never met him, heard his stories or laughed at his jokes. We didn't go to school with him. We couldn't find him in a crowd if our lives depended on it. Our lives did depend on him. Our ability to stand there, as well as the ability of the protesters to speak as they believed, depended on their son and others like him that defend our freedom and give their lives in that pursuit.

I did quite well. Our family had lost some very close friends in Viet Nam. My son's brother had been in Iraq and Afghanistan 4 times but was now home safe. I knew in my mind what we all know going into the first mission. Then like we did yesterday, there was a short break and those that could not break down their flags quickly went to staging to ready for the procession.

About 12 of us moved closer and stood the line.

And then the casket was placed in the hearse.

Before the family got in the car to leave, Lance Corporal Martini's father "walked the line" and thanked every person for being there. When he got to the end, he looked at me and before he could speak, I said, "Sir, it is my honor to serve your son and his family and I thank you for allowing me to do so." He hugged me and started crying and we had trouble holding each other up. I waited until the family was in the car before I could lower my flag and jog the 2 blocks to my bike.

I wrote earlier in Captain Mahaffee's forum in response to a question about what a first timer could expect and how to prepare. It wasn't enough. This mission was different. Every mission will be different. The story the priest told at the graveside tore me up. I thought of it applying to my own life and the loss of my son. Nothing will ever be "all right" in my life but that story made it a little "more right". It changed my life and maybe that's why we're all here. Many are Vets who lost friends and family "over there" somewhere. Many have never been in the service but they may have lost someone who was. They have one thing in common.

They are the strong hearted. They are the tender hearted. The people you stand next to are the reason our Heroes do what they do, to protect those who love them. Captain Shane Mahaffee died for us.

He just didn't know you or me when he did it.


There has been a law passed saying the protesters must stay 200 feet away from the funeral home. After this was passed they have not been showing up as often. Lately there have been so many of us and so few of them that they have not been getting any media attention at all. At the last mission I was on the father of the man killed in Iraq asked us if they had even shown up, he never even saw them.... :smile:

What was even better was when The Wesboro Church protesters saw that they were not getting any media attention, they packed up and left, before the funeral even started.

I have spent hours standing and holding a flag. Usually with tears running down my face. This (sometimes) is all it takes to let people know that they are loved, respected and revered.. I hope I can hold a flag, any flag, untill the day I die.

I feel like we are winning.

God Bless all of our troops...

Sue (Mama Bear)
Situations such as this seem to emphasize the wisdom displayed by the Founding Fathers when they called for a separation of church and state. They understood many of the frailties of humanity and tried to put checks in place to prevent abuse.
Positions such as heads of state or heads of church can be very attractive to those that seek only power or to control others. It's bad enough when these types of people can be found in government or politics but when they gravitate towards religion they gain access to a very powerful tool. That tool is faith and its power is this; when people base their actions on faith then they can convince themselves of the "rightness" of any action no matter how horrific that action may be. There has been a great deal of focus on Islamic Fundamentalists while at the same time no one has pointed out that the same mindset can potentially be found any religion.
The behavior of these protestors is absolutely atrocious and if ever anyone deserved to have their rights stripped it would be them.
There have been numerous opportunities for us (The Patriot Guard Riders) to be honored at ceremonies.. the latest was at Soldier Field in Chicago...

We didn't make it. We had a funeral to go to.... What has been said within our group over and over again is that if politics and/or religion are left out of the mix, people tend to do the right thing. As long as the Westboro Baptist Church exists, we will be there to counter them.

Mark, watch for us tomorrow, we are very active in your area....

God Bless...


This group of morons said they were going to show up at 2 funerals for fallen soldiers here in Central Oregon in the past couple of months and then never did. I think that they are just looking for attention now. I hope they stay away tomorrow also Mark. If this is 'Christianity' then I want no part of it. If they practised being better members of society I'm certain God would look at them in a more favorable light.

Creslin said:
Situations such as this seem to emphasize the wisdom displayed by the Founding Fathers when they called for a separation of church and state.
Not to be contentious, but the founding fathers did not call for the "separation of church and state". They called for a prohibition against establishment of a state religion. In practice the two are very different.
I'm sorry to say these idiots are from my home state. In fact, they're not that far away. I'm just glad everyone sees them for the trash they are. From what I've heard, the group makes a lot of money from lawsuits brought against people who try to fight them. Word is the leader has some relatives who are lawyers. It's really quite a racket.
God bless you and your Patriot Guard Riders, Mama Bear. Y'all provide the dignity so that honor can be bestowed on our fallen heroes.:thumbup1:
Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn Declares Patriot Guard Day in Illinois HUNDREDS OF MOTORCYCLE RIDERS ROLL INTO CHICAGO!

(CHICAGO) – Today, Lt. Governor Pat Quinn declared Saturday, September 9 as “Patriot Guard Day” in the Land of Lincoln in honor of the Illinois chapter of the Patriot Guard – a diverse group of motorcycle riders whose mission is to attend the funeral services of fallen servicemembers who died in the Global War on Terrorism.

As invited guests of the family, the members of the Patriot Guard shield the mourners from hate groups seeking to disrupt the funeral service.

Quinn was joined by the Gold Star family of fallen hero, Marine Lance CPL Philip J. Martini who shared the impact of the Patriot Guard’s presence at their son’s funeral. Martini, of Lansing, Illinois, died on April 8, 2006 of a gunshot wound received in combat in Al Anbar Province, Iraq. He was 24 years old.

Nationwide, there are more than 52,000 Patriot Guard riders, with more than 2,700 in Illinois. More than 800 of those riders are from the Chicago area.

Earlier this year, the Illinois Patriot Guard joined Quinn to win passage of the Let Them Rest in Peace Act – landmark legislation in Illinois which creates a zone of privacy of 200 feet around a funeral or memorial service so families mourning the loss of a loved one will not be subjected to vile epithets or signs.

“The Illinois Patriot Guard ensures that the servicemen and women who have given their last full measure of devotion to our country are laid to rest in peace,” said Quinn. “Today, I salute the Illinois riders of the Patriot Guard for their tireless commitment to honoring the memory of true heroes of the Land of Lincoln and protecting the families who mourn their loss.”

Quinn was also joined by Ed Mueller, Great Lakes Regional Captain for the Patriot Guard.

To learn more about the Patriot Guard, visit www.OperationHomefront.org. With more than 17.6 million hits, it’s one of the country’s most informative websites on supporting our troops.

State of Illinois
Office of Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn


WHEREAS, the Patriot Guard Riders are a grassroots organization of motorcycle riders from across Illinois; and

WHEREAS, the Patriot Guard Riders were formed in response to vile protests intended to disrupt funerals of members of the United States Armed Forces who have given their lives in the Global War on Terror; and

WHEREAS, since their inception in 2005, the Patriot Guard Riders have gathered thousands of patriotic men and women who have joined together to form honor guards at dozens of military funerals across the Land of Lincoln; and

WHEREAS, Patriot Guard Riders have shown unwavering respect for our fallen heroes; and

WHEREAS, the Patriot Guard Riders were instrumental in the passage of Illinois’ Let Them Rest In Peace Act, a law protecting mourning families and friends from heckling and harassment by hate groups at military funerals; and

WHEREAS, the families and friends of our fallen heroes have expressed heartfelt gratitude to the Patriot Guard Riders for helping to maintain a proper atmosphere of dignity, respect and reverence at military funerals in our state; and

WHEREAS, the Patriot Guard Riders’ brave, selfless and thoughtful actions at military funerals have exemplified the deep patriotism that inspires all Americans and demonstrated the remarkable power of a grassroots movement to make a positive difference in people’s lives; and

WHEREAS, the Patriot Guard Riders have expanded their mission over time to further recognize and honor the sacrifice of America’s fallen heroes and those who loved them; and

WHEREAS, the Patriot Guard Riders are a shining example of the democratic, vigorous, principled free expression of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution;

THEREFORE, I, Pat Quinn, Lt. Governor of the State of Illinois, hereby commend and salute the Patriot Guard Riders for their unwavering and unselfish service to America’s fallen heroes and their families and to the great principles of democracy and freedom that those heroes gave their lives to defend, and declare Saturday, September 9, 2006, to be Patriot Guard Day throughout the Land of Lincoln.

Dated this September 9, 2006.

Pat Quinn
Lt. Governor


Go Patriot Guard Riders!! We MAKE a difference!

Sue (Mama Bear)
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