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Proraso "The Verdict"

I have to say that I have been using Proraso for the past couple of days now and I love it ! No need for a review of the product...I beleive it was Joel's awesome review that prompted me to try Proraso in the first place. All I will say is wonderful stuff. I use the pre in conjunction with the shave cream and it's just a really fun experience. I have to get some of the after shave balm to really complete the process though. Just wanted to give a little feedback!

Have a nice evening everyone !!


Glad u like Proraso. It's a good product at a good price. I bought mine in the winter and for me, it's not a good winter blend. I don't like the extreme cooling effect when it's cold outside. But today, I used it too and it was a great shave and my face felt like ice. In the summer months, it's great!
I'm lovin' the pre/post cream. You need very little product to get even coverage on your face. The tub will last me over a year I'd say.
I really enjoy the pre/post and the shaving cream. I use the pre/post again after the shave and follow up with a nice aftershave balm. Great stuff.
I have the preshave, but haven't used it yet as I don't want it mucking up the scent of any of my creams.

As for the cream, it is great stuff.
Try rinsing your razor in cold water when you shave with it, you get a great cooling effect as the razor glides across your skin. It is quite refreshing.
I've been using the Pre as a pre for a week or so now, and I don't find it does anything really except for giving the nice menthol tingle. If it softens my whiskers or actually does anything to improve the shave, I don't notice. This stuff is best used as a post IMO. Since this used to be labeled Pre/Post I'm just going to use it as that and not bother with their aftershave lotion. I am a fan of Proraso in general, I have the cream, Pre, Omega #48 brush and Omega soap tub. It is all great stuff! And now that summer is coming, I'll be using it much more.
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