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Proraso new packaging designs 2019?

what I don't get is that the tube's had a new logo change, then the aftershave got a new bottle as well as the preshave, but the soaps in the containers didn't get a face lift, makes no sense to me, so how do you know you are really getting the new formula for the soaps in the container?

unless I'm missing something here
The new soaps feature the words, " Super Formula"

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I accidentally posted this in another thread...

I've been using the new green pre shave, shaving cream and aftershave for a few days now.

The results have been great. The cream is very easy to lather and provides plenty of protection. I'm not sure if the pre shave improves the quality of the shave but my skin feels good after using it. I wasn't keen on the smell of the aftershave at first, but it fades quickly and does a great job of soothing my skin (I was hoping for more menthol!)
Tried the new green cream and aftershave. Aftershave seems the same, the cream seems more like the one blade series slicker and more fluid. I like it. The new pre shave is not available in the shops here yet. Or maybe the old stock isn't finished yet.
I have a 75 ml green tub with the old striped design. There is a difference in the formulation. The old one has Hydroxyethylcellulose. The new one doesn't.
And btw, I liked so much the older striped design. Can't say the same about the new design.
I really like the old packaging with the strip logo as well, the new tub's look alright.....as long the green hasn't changed in smell, we are golden because that's something I will always have in the rotation.

I was wondering though, does anyone know if the blue version will come in a tub vs a tube? I see that they released a preshave in blue, so I wonder if a soap will be coming down the pipeline.

I still need to wack through what I have with my other soaps, but a reload should be coming mid summer.
I like the new glass bottles with one small caveat. With the old 100ml size glass after shave bottles, when empty I like to remove the labels and decant Avon cologne into the plain glass empty bottle. With the new embossed glass bottles this will not work as well as they will bear the Proraso name.
so here's a question then for anyone that might be in the know, the gift sets that are sold with the balm/splash pre shave cream, and tube of cream, will those sets get updated and have the newly packaged products? Those gift sets are a great deal, and at some point, I plan on collecting the entire range.
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