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Proraso Green - I'm Sold!

Used Proraso Green for the first time last night. Wow, what an amazing shave! Followed Luc's "How to face lather with cream" tutorial and was able to make a great lather (thanks, Luc). Felt like the razor was barely cutting it was so smooth, and I had almost no razor burn. Followed it up with Nivea Sensitive AS balm. Might be the perfect combination for me.
I love the stuff too. I'm working on a puck of Tabac right now and it's good but I've got a fresh tube of Proraso waiting for me when the Tabac is gone and I can hardly wait to get back to it.
Yes I just read up on that shaving cream lather tutorial yesterday and used Proraso Green for the first time very nice protective shave even with a feather. Better than my TOBS Cream. Great value.
I'll always have Proraso Green around. It's my absolute favorite, but I find the menthol a bit too chilly in the winter sometimes. For me, the Greeen is Proraso. The other varieties are excellent, but the Green is sort of iconic for me.
Stared with Proraso Green and it was probably the best introduction to the lathering world i could of had. Sadly i gave/lent it to my dad and younger brother to have a go with while they try out DE razors.
I've got some too. I find myself using way too much because it is so soft. I've cut down and still load my brush, make three passes and have enough left for two more.

Any suggestions?
I'm currently running with Green and White tubs and a Blue. I started with White, but after trying the Green, it will be my go to once it warms up. Blue for now while it's -35*c outside.
It's a fantastic soap/cream. Used it in the tub and in the tube, both give sublime shaves. Wonderful fresh and clean smell too.

Though I do agree, Sandalwood or other warmer scents can be nicer in winter.
Huge fan of Proraso Green here, it was my first and I always find myself going back to it, here's why:

1. Menthol + cold water rinse to finish is like someone pouring liquid nitrogen on my face, in a good way.
2. It reminds me of my Grandpa's bathroom growing up. Not sure if he used Proraso, but I'd bet on it.
3. The lather isn't the fullest or most beautiful, but it does the job every time and protects my face. A nice Proraso lather means I can load the slant up with a feather and really attack those damn neck hairs.
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