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Proraso as a face wash?

Good afternoon gents,

Just wanted to share a little something I've been trying out for a few days now.

It's summertime now and it's starting to get pretty warm where I'm at in Washington DC. I work outside as a custom builder, so I'm pretty hot and sweaty throughout the day.

Recently, I've wanted to wash my face in the morning with something that will leave me with a cool sensation, while also cleansing well without stripping all the moisture away from my skin.

So I tried just a small amount of Proraso (the green Bigelow tube stuff), about 1/3rd of the amount you would normally use for shaving and I've been thrilled with the results. I just wet my hands, dab that very small amount on there, wash and rinse. I've also done this on a few of my lunch breaks when I've been really hot and wanted to cool down.

Im really pleased with this, and for the price and availability, it cant hurt to experiment. Really wakes me up in the morning and cools me down throughout the day. :thumbup:

Any thoughts? I'm pretty sure it can't be bad for my face or anything.

Give it a shot and see what you think
Good suggestion. :thumbup1:

When I have a Proraso/Bigelow shave, I use the lather at the end of the shave for a face wash. Works fine, and the final rinse is very cooling.
I think I'm going to get an extra tube of Proraso for the office for this purpose. Great idea!

I'm with Bob, I usually use my superfluous lather to wash my hands and face after I'm finished shaving.
I was just getting tired while writing a paper for my summer graduate history course. I remembered this thread and decided to use some Bigelow as a face wash, and followed up with Barbasol Pacific Rush. WOW that managed to wake me up! Thanks for the tip.
I've heard some say that it's similar to Noxema in composition. If that's the case then yeah, should be a great face wash! :thumbup1:
Sounds like a great idea.

I do the same thing and waste that leftover lather?

You guys should try some Proraso aftershave splash. Very cool and refreshing.

Good suggestion. :thumbup1:

When I have a Proraso/Bigelow shave, I use the lather at the end of the shave for a face wash. Works fine, and the final rinse is very cooling.
That's an excellent idea! I use the Proraso Pre/Post cream sometimes as a pre-shave, which is basically like washing my face with it, and it is so similar to the shaving cream that what you're doing makes perfect sense! I hadn't thought of using the shaving cream like that during the day, but that will feel good in this Houston heat. Thanks for the great idea!
While Proraso (or Omega or Bigelow) might be especially appropriate for the summer, I think using excess lather as a face wash is a fine idea in general.

I've read numerous time that folks here will consign disappointing shave soaps to use as shower (body) soaps, with the unsurprising result that these same soaps are as deficient for showering as they are for shaving. Enlisting the excess lather of a good soap or cream for face or body wash makes more sense, and helps you get the most out of some expensive products.
I have just started using Proraso Green cream as a face wash when I feel like a quick freshen up.

It works very well and I suggest more people try it. :thumbup:
I may try this as I have a 1/3 tub that I probably won't finish. I've been doing this once in awhile though with my Williams as a pre shave wash. Basically so I can justify the buck I wasted on the puck.
I tried this with omega as a post work out face wash and its great. Much better as a face wash then as shaving soap IMO.
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