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Pre Shave Oil / Skin Care - Vitamin E Oil

Not sure if this is where to put this, but I wanted to make mention of it somewhere.

I was in my local Pharmacy the other day and I was looking to see if they happend to have a pre shave oil that might work better than what I had till I could order some from a website or make it somewhere that had some when I lucked into some advice.

The pharmacist who was well into retirement years I would say happend to be picking up some blades saw what I was looking at and asked if I minded some advice. Not one to turn down any advice he took me over to the vitamin and herb section and handed me a small bottle of "Vitamin E Oil" they had there for 8 bucks. It was listed as "pure enough to take orally" but I wouldnt suggest it. Reading the back it seemed to be a mix of about 8 different types of oils and a strong dose of Vitamin E.

He said it was what he had been using since they started carrying it, since Vitamin E is pretty much all about healthy skin. He uses it as a pre shave oil, as well as a "skin food" sort of product. I was suprised to find that it had a nice lemon scent to it, and it went on smooth. It is oil, and not water soluable, so I had to wash my hands afterwards but it was amazing. I have tried several different samples that have been out, including the T&H one, and have the Art of shaving one. This tops them all. Combine sensitive skin with new to wet shaving and you get a lot of irritation. I had my best shave yet with this and I know my technique did not improve THAT much overnight. I have tried it now a few times with different creams and soaps and I honestly think I have found my preshave oil.

If your looking for a pre shave oil yourself, you might consider it.
This might be neat to mix into some Jojoba oil. I'm experimenting with that at the moment, and plan on mixing in some carefully chosen essential oils, not for smell, but for what they do to skin. IE, eucalyptus, peppermint, rose, etc... all have skin stimulating properties. I'm sure some of this in careful amounts would also be nice to mix in.


I use vitamin e oil as a pre shave and post shave on my face and head. Family dollar has a nice size bottle for $2.00! Wal mart has a smaller bottle for $5.00 but the family dollar stuff is just as good.
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