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Portland Antique Show Haul

I know there were a few other collector's scouring the Expo this weekend as dealers mentioned others making similar inquiries. There were lots of safety razors, a really nice Allegro strop/hone set with NOS Henckel's Friodur for $100 (4/8" blade killed the deal for me), a few killer wedge lather catcher sets which would be duplicates for me and many other items that I would have liked to purchase but decided to stay within budget and purchase items only for my personal use. I did fudge a little on the latter goal as the Schick for $5 will pay for the majority of my haul. Without further delay:


I wouldn't be shocked if Terrance came down, anybody else care to show their scores?
You have some nice straights there, congratulations.

Terence was there and after being behind him most of the day we met up for a short while. I posted this same pic in the Safety Razor Acquisition Thread, but here it is again. I enjoyed my first time at an antique show while hanging out with a knife collector friend. He actually found the Toggle and bought it for me.

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The one on the bottom with the twisted handle looks like it would be a little unwieldy. Nice haul.