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    I know there were a few other collector's scouring the Expo this weekend as dealers mentioned others making similar inquiries. There were lots of safety razors, a really nice Allegro strop/hone set with NOS Henckel's Friodur for $100 (4/8" blade killed the deal for me), a few killer wedge lather catcher sets which would be duplicates for me and many other items that I would have liked to purchase but decided to stay within budget and purchase items only for my personal use. I did fudge a little on the latter goal as the Schick for $5 will pay for the majority of my haul. Without further delay:


    I wouldn't be shocked if Terrance came down, anybody else care to show their scores?
  1. Wow. That's quite a haul!
  2. You have some nice straights there, congratulations.

    Terence was there and after being behind him most of the day we met up for a short while. I posted this same pic in the Safety Razor Acquisition Thread, but here it is again. I enjoyed my first time at an antique show while hanging out with a knife collector friend. He actually found the Toggle and bought it for me.

  3. nice haul we done
  4. I think I'm moving to Portland!
  5. Sweet scores!
  6. The one on the bottom with the twisted handle looks like it would be a little unwieldy. Nice haul.
  7. I understand it to be a bit aggressive, but it will remove all whiskers...starting at the base of your neck. :death:
  8. LOVELY! :a14::a14::a14:

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