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poor, neglected, beaten on Vulfix 377

Long story short, I just cleaned and looked closely at my 5 year old Vulfix 377 superbadger, and it seems that my daily regimen of shaking it out, and then mashing it into a towel for a number of swirls, and then hang it to dry in its stand. I've lost a lot of bristles over the years, I'm guessing from breaking them while drying, and it looks like the entire center of the bristles/knot (?) is gone?

Not sure if there's any way to rejuvenate the old girl, as I've used it every day for 5 years and I'm not ready to give it up, but any suggestions would be appreciated.



Looks like perhaps "mashing it into the towel" has taken a heavy toll! (I wipe mine gently on the towel) Good candidate for re-knotting project?
I have a feeling like I might look like that in a few more years. Can we re-knot me? :bored:

Yes, perhaps there is a better method for taking care of it.
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Mashing a brush into a towel is the one of the best ways to destroy a brush. You could reknot it or just buy a new brush and not "mash" it when loading, using or drying the brush... they last a lot longer than 5 years that way.
Send it to vulfix they will reknot it with a new super badger knot. Btw simpson also does this as they are the same company
In looking at the TGN site, I don't seem to have an overwhelming number of options in the 26mm knot size. I'm strongly leaning towards the silvertip grade A, in order to keep this a good cream brush. I know this was originally a superbadger so maybe I should go that route to be true to it, but the whole point of restoring a brush is to make it "your own. Now I just have to do some more reading and work up the courage to drill out the knot on my own:blink:
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