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FS Plisson Brushes

Brushes used in rotation with 8-10 other brushes for about 5 years. The handles are weighted for a solid grip. Although not dense, the knots produce thick, lush lather efficiently. Neither brush sheds at all. In preparation for sale, I’ve cleaned the brushes in vinegar solution and borax solutions.

Plisson Haute Montagne (high mountain white) badger, size 8 (knot 17mm dia, 50mm loft), brochure & box. Amazingly soft on the skin Cosmetically beautiful. The only signs of wear are on the decals, as the photo shows: greening and "gne" missing. Retail price from Plisson is €265 plus shipping. $80

Plisson Black Pur Blaireau (pure badger) size 10 (knot 20mm dia, 53mm loft), brochure but no box
. A bit “scritchy” so you can feel the tips but not at all “scratchy”. Cosmetically flawless to my eye. Retail price from Plisson is €95 plus shipping. $35

Buy both for $95.

Prices include domestic Paypal fee and shipping by USPS priority mail within CONUS. Plisson HMW 1.jpgPlisson HMW 2.jpgPlisson Pur Black 1.jpgPlisson Pur Black 2.jpgPlisson Box & Brochures.jpg
OK. Three days after posting and no nibbles. So price reductions:
No. 8 HMW $65
No. 10 Black $25
Both $75
How about a trade--my Plisson HMW for your Simpsons Chubby 1 in Best, Manchurian, or 2-Band Silvertip? We can agree on $$ to make up difference in value.
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