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Pitch me a new brush!

Andy got back to me and suggested the aluminum slim 400 handle with a 22mm Synbad. i might go for it.
I can personally vouch for the .22mm Synbad, but that's just my experience.

It's been in my active rotation since the day it arrived, earning its spot amongst much more expensive synths.
May I suggest Whipped Dog? His tall handle in a 24mm brush probably meets your expectation for a handle. He has some very nice synthetic knots if that is what you are after, but I would highly recommend his High Mountain Badger (two band finest).

For that matter, he also sells handles by themselves, so you could buy this handle and go shopping for a knot elsewhere.

I've got several branded brushes, but Larry's brushes are the most WFM.

I've got 3 Tall Handle brushes with 2 of them with 30mm silbertip drilled 5mm deep and one high mountain knot. Super brush.

Go for his boars, they're also phenomenal
$32 shipped and four brushes on the way. will sell off the ones i don’t need along with my FS 28mm pur-tech.


i might still get the APShave synbad.
I have one other suggestion. I had a Timeless bowl and found it so deep that I wanted long handles on all my brushes. The other problem was the lather always climbed up the sides and over. I ditched it and bought a Captain’s Choice copper bowl. The side is only 1.5” high, but it is shaped in such a way to help keep the lather from climbing over the side. Now I can use the stubbiest brush handle I own with no side bumping and the lather stays in the bowl where it belongs.

These bowls aren’t cheap, but they are a real pleasure to use.
i haven’t had any overflow issues with my Timeless bowl. i’m not making gobs of lather and even if i did have persistent overflow, i’d live with that in exchange for the durability of the plastic against my tile floor and propensity for dropping stuff.

the captain’s choice stuff is nice, but i’d feel pretty crappy if i dented the bowl from slippery fingers or just plain clumsiness that i seem to suffer from more and more :/ maybe i’ll get one when i have to live in a rubber room :)
Go to APShaveCo.com and look for scratch and dent. Pick one of the proper sized handles ($6). Then, choose the G5C knot. It will break in with much use and make you happy. You will have a brush made to your liking with a great knot at an affordable price.

I have this and it is second only to my Rudy Vey brushes with the Mühle Silvertip Fibre knots. (mine is blue/clear).
Get yourself a smaller boar, Omega 10005 is perfect. Timeless design, light-ish handle for fast bowl swirling.
Hey Lasta,

I need a new boar and it seems Omega 10005 may cut the mustard. I think, I am gonna buy it.

Thank you for your advice.

P.S. A great profile pic.
Omega 10098 Pro gives you a 400 kind of handle and a big boar knot for small money. The preferred choice of Italian professional barbers.
Actually on the majority of Italian barbers Youtube videos what I see is either 10049 or the Proraso brush. Not even sure I have seen 10098. ;)
I'm partial to boars so that's what I'd recommend, and I dislike rubbing plastics on my face. Honestly from my experience, just get a knot that suits your needs, don't go too small or too big. For bowl lathering, get a bigger handle and a mid sized loft at least. And be patient with boars, it's well worth it, once they're broken in they create lather in literal seconds.

I'd say it's not really relevant if you get an Omega, Zenith or a Semogue, they all perform pretty much the same and boar hair is boar hair.
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