Pinaud Wild Herbal?

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    Hi there,
    Is anyone familiar with Pinaud Wild Herbal? I found a bottle recently and can't seem to find any reference this particular scent.
  1. Never heard of it. Can you post a picture?
  2. The Knize

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    I have not heard of it either. Is it vintage?
  3. James:
    [​IMG]...inquiring minds want to know. :001_rolle

    [​IMG] "A good picture is equivalent to a good deed." Vincent Van Gogh
  4. $001.jpg Definitely appears vintage! Thanks!
  5. The Knize

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    Ed. Pinaud made in the USA. I might have once known the history of the trade name Pinaud, especially in the US but I do not now. I do not think Ed. Pinaud are the same folks as Clubman Pinaud. There is an Ed. Pinaud that now seems to make adaptable incense but I think they are European. Pinaud was once a big time French perfume house as I understand it. I think many others have tried to trade on that name. The US Ed. Pinaud once made a scent called "Yu." The bottle was similar to this Wild Herbal bottle.
  6. If anyone in the universe could solve this mystery of Pinaud Herbal surely it would be Clubman Rob. Clubman Rob, why do you deny us your knowledge of the olden ways of Pinaud?

    Marty E.
  7. I think I bought a "gift from your barber" one of these years ago at a garage sale. I'll post a pic if I find it.
  8. Ed Pinaud created lilac vegetal I have read.


    Ed Pinaud ยป History

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