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PIF - Declaration, blades, brush, bowl & fougere EDT.

Long time board member with a new user name. Please reply if interested and I will have wifey pick a number between 1 and ? around 5pm central time tomorrow Saturday the 15th. Shipping is on me as well. U.S. only please. Declaration was used one time only, small scoop, the bowl is a little large for 24mm brushes - would perform better for 26mm or larger, Maggards brush used 2-3 times, there are 4 blades remaining and the cologne was used maybe 2 times. A huge thank you to B&B helping to keep me entertained during recovery from surgery. Feeling back to normal now.

Thank you for the PIF - and continued well wishes on your recovery!

I would like to be in for this PIF, and good luck to all else who are in....
Glad you’re better. May you have many years of good health! Thank you for your generous pif. Respectfully, not in.
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