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Picked up this Creed Cologne.... good deal/choice?

Don't know much about Creed - but I thought THIS looked like a good deal - and I have been wanting to try GIT for some time..... did I get a decent deal, and was this a good scent choice?
Joel, that's a heck of a deal. It is probably a grey market bottle. When you get it read the labels. If they are in a foreign language than you got a grey market bottle. The cologne was probably destined to some other country but made it's way to the US. Same product. Same scent.
It's a grey market Arabian bottle. Nothing wrong with that, as it's the same juice inside. I have three grey market bottles, and they smell identical to the nongrey market ones. Good deal. If anyone is looking for the best Creed on EBay, go with the seller "creedirect"

Can you tell me how the purchase went with this seller? I'm interested in picking up some Creed stuff after receiving some samples to try.
dunno - haven't received it yet.... I think it should show up in a day or two. :smile: 9
I actually grabbed a one for $69.00 plus shipping a while ago and I thought I was doing well! :rolleyes:

Oh well - That scent always gets a compliment or two at work!
This bottle finally arrived. The seller wasn't helpful, never sent a tracking number, the package took 2 weeks to arrive, and was a whopping $10.75 to ship.... nothing burns me more then people trying to make money within the shipping cost. After a week of no response to 3 emails - they emailed me once to let me know they shipped it UPS ground that day (didn't provide me with the tracking number)

I would not buy from the seller again.

The cologne did however arrive in perfect shape, and is nice stuff!
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