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Phoenixkh's Misc. Timeless 0.68 Razor Heads, Aluminum razors, a Mergress and a Progress XL Long Handle. CONSUS USPS shipping and PayPaL Fees included

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The first group is two razor heads that remained after an experiment to find my preferred balanced 0.68 Timeless razor head to use on a Crown handle. These will ship in original Timeless thin boxes along with the polishing cloth, nylon washer, etc... as if you bought them direct. The first one is a hybrid head, as a result.... It's the one on the right. The notes I made on this trial can be found on my journal so you can follow along if you are interested.

1. Timeless Ti Scalloped polished cap, New. Retail: $115
Scratch and Dent Stainless Steel 0.68OC base plate. Retail: $135 This combo was used once during the testing.
Total retail price: $250.00
Sales Price: $145

2. Timeless SS Scalloped cap. Retail: $105
SS 0.68OC SCL scalloped base plate: Retail: $135 Both Scratch and Dent. Never used
Total retail price: $240
Sales Price: $135
RS_Timeless Razor heads Boxed2.jpg
RS_Timeless Razor Heads Details2.jpg

3. Aluminum razor group includes:

A. New, never used ATT Windsor Pro Aluminum razor with a Calypso Aluminum handle, plus all three base plates: AL SB90, ALMR medium regular and ALRH regular heavy

B. ATT Aluminum Razor Stand

All packed in an ATT presentation box excepted the razor stand which won't fit in the box, obviously.

C. RazoRock Lupo Aluminum (no box, though I might have it around. I will check and if I kept it, I'll ship it in that box) Used once, my first wet shave on Feb. 15th, 2022.
D. Two Leather travel cases. One of them had the Lupo stored in it but has never traveled outside the dresser drawer. <eg>

Sales Price: 125.00


RS_ATT Box2.jpg

4. Mergress Short Handle. New, never used. This modified Merkur Progress short handle was purchased along with the XL long handle model when they showed up. I offered them both to our youngest son. He kept the Long Handle model so this one became available. I'm going to throw in a RR "adjustable" razor stand. Sorry the photo doesn't have today's date as we aren't home at the moment. The photo of the razor in its stand is cropped from a photo previously posted on B&B.

Retail Price: $130
Sales Price: 100

RS_Mergress Progress1.jpg

RS_Mergress Progress2.jpg

RS_Mergress Progress3.jpg

RS_Mergress Stand.jpg

5. This is a special case... photos above. This is the Progress XL the Mergress replaced. Our son used it for just a few months to shave his neck, but it shows no signs of wear that I could see. It presents as new. It really isn't worth enough to sell and ship on its own as the retail price is around $70 unless you can find it on sale or buy one from a European supplier.

I'm offering this as an add-on to any of the above listings for $35. Again, this Merkur Progress XL is not offered as a stand alone sale item... It can be added to any of the above orders. The RR adjustable razor stand is NOT INCLUDED.

Retail: $70
Sale price: $35 as an add-on to an above item or group.
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Wonderful sale again Kim! I am so glad to be non CONUS right now because this would have broken my GRUYERE for sure. At least that’s the story I am sticking with.

GLWTS - excellent and reliable brother and generous gentleman here!! Buy with full confidence.


I shaved a fortune
The Timeless parts are now taken off the listing. I decided to just keep them, since they aren't flying off the shelf. I don't want to reduce the prices any more. I just ordered a SS handle and razor stand so I'll have a complete SS razor with two bases, as I have other "spare parts" that will accomplish that.... I'll be able to mix and match, depending on my mood.

Sorry about that... I would have sold them if there had been any interest...

All that remains is the Aluminum razor group. If you buy it, you'll get the Merkur Progress XL. The only change I'll make there is, I'll keep the one that was our son's and include the backup I had for him that has never been used.
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