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Personna blades (American)

I was in my local Asda (owned by Wal-Mart) supermarket the other day and noticed they have started selling some "Personna" branded blades.

I had a look on the back and they weren't Israeli's, I think they were made in USA. I assume these are the blades sold in WalMart's throughout USA.

Are these any good or worth buying?

I kinda assumed since everyone raves about the Isreali's that these ones aren't so good?
I use "Exchange Select" blades, which are U.S. made Personna's.
I like them quite a bit, in fact, I haven't bought Merkurs in quite awhile. Haven't tried the Israeli blades yet but hear good things. Are the Personna's cheap? here they are quite affordable, and IMHO provide a great "bang for the buck" if you will.
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John P.

I bought some of these from Asda and they didn't seem as sharp as the Merkurs.

On the box packaging:- distributed by Personna International UK Ltd.

On the razor dispenser:- patent no. 3502203 classic dispenser :)

I'm going to go searching for those Tesco blades but I doubt they are stocked in the Tesco Metro store near me.

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I tried the Tesco blades before and I didn't like them at all. Having said that I only had about 5 DE shaves under my belt at the time, so it could have just been my poor newby technique. I might give them another go one day.

I'm still trying to work through my sampler pack, currently my preference is:

1. Derby (best for me by a fair margin, BBS and no razor burn)
2. Feather (BBS but usually with razor burn)
3. Merkur
4. Israeli
5. Tesco
6. Wilkinson Classic

I haven't tried the Swedish Gillettes or the American Personna's yet.
I find the Personnas sold at WalMart to be the worst blades on the market--I purchased a pack when I first started and have used them intermittently, though I always wonder why after the shave.

They're sharp, unpredictable, degrade fast and they always leave me bloody. But, YMMV!
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