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Paul Mitchell tea tree shampoo

It has a very refreshing scent, but I dont feel like it does anything more for my hair than regular run of the mill shampoo. Then again, I don't have a dry scalp or anything, so YMMV.
I use both, and have grown very fond of them. I will try to explain this conditioner. Most conditioners that I have used in the past feel slick, for lack of a better word, and feel like they just sit on my hair. Tea tree conditioner feels like it is getting into the hair if that makes any sense. At any rate both top shelf products.
I have been using American Crew Tea Tree shampoo and conditioner for years. Great stuff! Probably similar to Paul Mitchell. I buy the big 1 liter bottles from Ulta when they run their buy 1 get 1 free summer sale. The bottles last about 2 years.
Use both the shampoo and conditioner. My wife rotates shampoos every month and she bought the giant versions with pumps on sale at Ulta. She gave me both after a month and they have about half left which should last me probably 3-4 months. The only thing I haven't tried out is the pomade that goes along with it.
I´ve just tried Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo this morning and all i can say it´s very cool and refreshing like no other tea tree shampoo tried in the past.
Sounds good, will be to researh how much tea tree is actually in there as Im trying to stray from chemicals in products.
Tea tree is wonderful for your scalp. You can buy it at most health food stores (Trader Joe's even carries it), and add it to your favorite shampoo. It does have a unique scent though, so be careful.
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